War dream interpretation

Meaning of war dream:

War is one of the most horrific events that anyone can imagine happening. That is why dreams about wars are usually terrifying experiences.

War dreams are often considered to be conflicts in real life. This can be internal conflicts going through, or some external conflicts.

Sometimes these dreams indicate a conflict between different parts of your personality.

A dream about war usually refers to the existence of some struggle in real life, which needs to be addressed and resolved. May indicate your fears or feelings of losing control in a part of your life.

Sometimes these dreams may refer to conflicts, arguments, or conflicting views with someone. War in the dream may also represent chaos and chaos in real life.

Islamic interpretation of war dream:

In a dream, war mean deception. War in a dream also means inflation, rising prices, plague, food lines, adversity and tension.

If a soldier sees himself fighting an enemy in a dream, it means that he will get benefits and success in his life. (See also Reporter War)

If you become a war correspondent in a dream, it means that you may become a spy or be promoted in your field. (See also war)

The exchange of letters between two army camps in the dream means nearing the end of one’s life, suppressing riots, accepting the truth, following the law, the death of a sick person, or the victory of an oppressed person.

Christianity interpretation of war dream:

The dream of war represents a continuous conflict or conflict in your life. Internal conflicts or emotional battles. You may feel something at stake. war in the dream may also reflect the need to be ideal at any cost or struggle to avoid disaster. Conflict and anger.

Wars may refer to personal conflicts or arguments. They may also be associated with the projects and tasks you devote all the time and energy. The war can also reflect the bias it faces. The dreams of war are shared by successful people, businessmen or people who have to make a lot of important decisions.

In a negative way, the dream of war may be a sign that you care a lot about your way or be very aggressive. May also reflect the fear of having to try a big argument or face an enormous challenge that you may not feel strong enough to sustain.

The dream may also be a reflection of your personal feelings about current wars around the world.

Different meaning of war dreams:

The dreams of being a witness to the war:

If you dream of watching the war, this dream may not be a good sign. This dream may reveal your insecurity.
It may also indicate a feeling of discomfort from something in your life

The dreams of fear of war:

If you dream of a possible war, this dream may mean losing control of real life. This loss can be related to your relationship with someone.

The dreams of inviting him to join the war:

If you dream of calling to join the war, this dream may indicate that you are not spending enough time with your family. This dream is a reminder to start showing more affection towards your family members.

The dream of forcing them to go to war:

This dream is usually a bad sign.
This dream may indicate that you are facing some conditions that may make you mature quickly.

The dream of getting ready to go to war:

If you dream of getting ready to go to war, this dream is not usually a good sign and may indicate your fear for some reason.

The dreams of taking an active part in the war. If you dream of actively participating in the war, this dream will not usually be a good sign. this dream may indicate that it is full of negative emotions.

The dreams of dying in war:

If you dream of dying in war, this dream may indicate the end of your challenges. It also refers to changes in your personality that have occurred as a result of those challenges.

The dreams of winning the war:

If you dream of winning a war, this dream will usually be a good sign, which shows success in all aspects of your life. you may experience success in your career and private in the near future.

The dreams of killing the enemy during the war:

dream of fighting in the war and killing enemies, this dream may indicate a lack of interest enough for your health.
You may have some unhealthy habits and self-destructive behavior.

The dreams of being in a battlefield without weapons:

If you dream of finding yourself in a war zone, without a weapon or any other weapon, this dream may indicate difficulties in achieving your goals.


These are some common dreams and their explanations. It is not possible to find exactly the interpretation of dreams. Some dreams are only meaningless, so it is hard to find an explanation for them. You can guess the interpretation yourself because the best explanation is from the person himself.

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