Water dream interpretation

Meaning of water dream:

Water as a sign of dreams carries a very important message to the dreamer who is revealed to unconsciousness by unconsciousness. Water can be interpreted differently because of the content and nature of the dream. Understanding the color, location and mood of the whole water dream can affect the meaning.

Water is one of the most common sign of dreams and is usually associated with emotions and unconsciousness. The large water bodies (oceans, lakes, pools) are usually the same subconscious.

Islamic interpretation of water dreams:

Sees water in a dream it means that it will live a happy life and will earn money and prosperity in the future. It is also the symbol of marriage.

Sees pure water in a dream it symbolizes that it will achieve social justice and peace.

Chewing the water in the dream symbolizes that he will face difficulties in life.

When a person drinks a glass of water in the dream symbolizes that the person will be protected from the enemy.

Drinks a lot of water in the dream symbolizes a long life.

When the person sees himself holding his hand in the water, he will get a lot of money to play with money. But during play, confusion will occur.

Fresh water in a dream or a well in the dream it symbolizes that it will face fighting, path or disaster.

When a person sees that he is giving a glass of water to someone who symbolizes that he will listen to good news about his child.

When a person sees that he drinks a glass of spring water, that means he will benefit from his wife.

Drinking hot water in a dream means that he will face distress.

When one sees himself intending to spring water, he will pay his debts.

When one sees that sweet water becomes salty it indicates that it will be unfaithful in religious aspects and will encounter certain difficulties.

When a person sees in the dream that he is carrying a water pot, that means that his income will increase.

When one sees pure water in the dream it means that he will recover from the disease.

When one sees that the water has a green color in the dream means it will face a long illness.

When a person sees that he is drinking black water in the dream, he means that he will become blind.

If one sees in the dream that his clothes are wet he symbolizes that in the travel plan the change will occur or his plans will fail.

When a person sees that he pours water in a container, it symbolizes that he will get married.

When a person sees that he is running out of cold water, he symbolizes that he will repent of sin or that he will go to recovery if he is ill.

When one sees that it falls in deep water but does not reach the bottom, it symbolizes that it will achieve prosperity and wealth.

When a person sees himself walking on water symbolizes his faith and trust

According to Christianity interpretation of water dream:

Breathe under water:

The dream that you can breathe under water represents feelings about yourself that are able to manage or treat yourself well in situations of uncertainty or negativity. You are coping with serious problems or deal responsibly with the worst moments of your life.

Boiling water:

Dreaming with hot or boiling water represents emotional turmoil or very active negative thinking patterns. You have fears, desires, guilt or some other negative or unbalanced negative thinking pattern. It may also reflect the bad intentions faced by someone who is angry.

Cold water:

The cold water dream represents positive thoughts or positive emotions. Positive things that you do not realize or do not care about.

Running water:

The running water dream represents negative situations or uncertainties that you observe all the time. Falling water may reflect a problem that is slowly emerging.

Walking on water:

The dream of walking on water represents total control over your emotions or your negative situation. You have a handle on a problem or so do not bother for a problem being a problem.

Psychological interpretation of water dreams:

In dreams, water is often associated with emotion and expression. The surface of water represents the dividing line between consciousness and unconsciousness. The type, size, movement and other characteristics of the water express the feelings of the conscious or unconscious dreamer.

Water can also represent motherhood, those primitive feelings associated with our mothers or our desire to become a mother.

Water can be associated with the uterus, or the beginning of life, or primitive stew, or our association with maternal personalities, the earth, or God, or pregnancy / pregnancy.

The ocean can represent a state of your feelings and indifference of the subconscious and the soul. The oceans are often associated with calm, meditation and retreat, but they are also subject to strong forces of nature that we can not control.

Riding a wave is a positive representation of managing emotions and challenging life in an effective way. This may represent the dreamer ability to go with the flow sometimes and act decisively and deliberately to work with the conditions at hand.

muddy rivers often reflect emotional disorders. Clear and quiet rivers often reflect inner peace, balance, harmony, a person who does not control or control deeply, and positive feelings of joy and happiness in general.

Different interpretation of water dreams:

Swimming in the water:

Swimming in the water indicates that we have a new goal or destination that we are moving towards. We can find a new direction in life, start school, move, or change jobs. Swimming with the current, shows that our trip is going well, we are happy and confident with our circumstances.

Diving in water:

Diving in water can indicate the need to delve into our emotions, our needs, our actions and our inner psyche. Instead, we may try to understand the goals and intentions of someone close to us, or how to solve the current work problem.

Crossing the water of body:

Crossing the body of water expresses the desire for freedom, independence and change. We move from what is known and safe, to what is new and unrestrained by old rules and old uncertainties.

Playing in water:

Playing or scrolling in water indicates awakening a new love or a new passion. We can look forward to a new relationship, a new business venture or learning a new skill.

Walking on water:

Walking on water suggests that we are in control and that we are confident of our ability to face any challenges in our lives.

Listening to the water:

Listening to the water shows the need to think, and to be at peace with our emotions.

Drinking water:

Drinking water mean that we are helping a friend recover, help him embark on a new journey, or offer new opportunities and blessings.


Dream vision is the product of our imagination, and includes all actions taken from our sleep, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Occurs at any time in different ways. If you are confused about your dream than reading and follow the true meaning of your dreams.

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