Understanding the interpretation of fish in dream.

Meaning of fish in dream:

Fish is a common symbol in dreams and usually has a good meaning, but it can also symbolize some unpleasant problems and situations that come your way.

It can indicate disappointment if you see it in dirty or muddy water. Dead fish are also a bad sign, foreshadowing the disease and problems in the near future.

Fish can predict things that are about to happen, but all the details of the dream reveal their true meaning.

Islamic interpretation of fish in dream:

The sight of sea fish covered with salt in a dream means permanent wealth, because fish are preserved in salt, or may mean burdens.

If one’s wife is pregnant and sees a fish that comes out of his mind in a dream, that means that his wife will give birth to a child.

If a fish comes out of his mouth, it means talking about a woman.

Fried fish in a dream means that one’s prayer will be answered.

Grilled fish in a dream means traveling or searching for knowledge.

The big fish in the dream means money, while the small fish means difficulties, burdens and tension, because they carry more nails than meat, beside small fish that are difficult to eat.

The mixed size of different types in dreams is money, trouble, admiration for social events or mixing with all kinds of people, whether good or bad.

Buying a fish in a dream may mean marriage. Eating rotten fish in a dream means following adultery and avoiding lawful marriage.

Interpretation of fish dreams – any large crinoids freshwater fish or iron fish (carp banns, brown sex) in a dream shows the positive benefits of a person intending to marry or enter into a business partnership.

Fish in the pond in a dream is also a sign of benefits, although they may have few benefits.

Seeing a dead fish floating in water in a dream has a disastrous connotation, or can represent a hopeless situation.

Taking the fish out of the water and eating it means profit, or setting a date in a high state of alertness.

In a dream, if a sick man or traveler finds the fish in his bed, it also indicates a bad or painful illness or suffers from arthritis, or may drown because he sleeps with them.

Christianity interpretation of fish in dream:

The dream of catching a fish symbolizes the acquisition of a new idea or understanding. Learn something about yourself or how a difficult problem works.

The dream of dead fish represents things you notice skillfully and no longer care about. Issues that you have observed skillfully and are no longer important or pending.

The dream of eating fish is a complete confidence that there is a problem. You know that something will not be a problem again. It may also reflect a newly discovered problem that has been permanently resolved.

The dream of flying fish represents issues you do not fully understand, but you want to share. In a positive way, the lack of experience may reflect along with passion. Passively, you may be a sign that you are moving too fast with something or you need to spend more time learning before committing seriously.

The dream of a school of fish represents complex or multifaceted issues that you are aware of, but you do not want to discuss publicly. May also reflect a higher degree of awareness of your lack of clarity. Multi-faceted problem You’re having trouble getting statistics. Instead, the school of fish may reflect a similar behavior or collective thinking that you are trying to learn about.

If you dream of attacking fish, you represent feelings of being abused or threatened with something you do not fully understand. Feeling threatened by “unknown”. Feeling very dangerous because something is not fixed, uncertain or ambiguous. Feeling that something is dangerous when you have never seen it yourself.

Psychological interpretation of fish in dream:

In order to dream of seeing fish in pure streams of water, you signify that you are will be favored by the rich and powerful.

Dead fish, shows the loss of wealth and strength through some terrible disasters.

In order for the young woman to dream of seeing the fish, she should be alerted he will have a handsome and talented lover.

For the dream of catching catfish, it indicates that you will be embarrassed by evil with enemy designs, but your luck and mental presence will lead you to move safely on a problem.

In the water, fish, indicates that you will own wealth gained through your ability and your projects.

Different interpretation of fish in dream:

Dream of live fish:

If you see live fish swim in your dream, this dream may indicate a happy love relationship you will soon participate in.

Dream of dead fish:

If you see dead fish floating in your dream, this dream may be a bad sign and can indicate disappointment and tension around some issues in your life you can not control.

This dream may also indicate emotional or financial losses in the near future.

Dream of eating fish:

Dreams about eating fish may mean good news you will soon receive, or good health, abundance and prosperity in the near future.

Sometimes, this dream reveals a winning lottery, or some increase in income.

Dream of swimming fish in clean water:

The dream of fish that swims in clean water may indicate good luck and nice surprises in the near future.

Dream about cooking fish:

If you are preparing the fish in your dream, this dream may not be a good sign, and may foreshadow problems and tension in the coming days. It may even be a sign of disappointment that you will try out soon.

Sometimes this dream can indicate a change of perspective and the way you look at things and life in general. Perhaps this dream is a sign of your willingness to change.

Dream of cleaning the fish:

Dreams about cleaning fish are a good sign, meaning some fun and exciting activities in the coming days.

Sometimes, this dream can indicate that you behave in a way that people expect from your surroundings and that you do not believe yourself.

Dream of modern fish:

If you talk to a fish in your dream, this dream may not be a good sign, and may indicate problems with relationships, loneliness, and communication problems.


Eating fish according to most dream dictionaries and Gypsy folklore is linked to the disappointments of hope but also after this joyful news. Food is usually associated with a dream with your potential ambitions in life. Appetite refers to success. This is completely contradictory when we look at the general interpretation of the dream of fish. In my opinion, this dream necessarily means that you have a chance to understand your deep ambitions and the spiritual message is that you will not be disappointed with the fish representation

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