Different interpretation about hair dream:

Meaning of hair in dream:

Hair is a symbol of strength and empowerment. The dream of poetry indicates prosperity, knowledge and thoughts.

Short hair indicates that you have integrity and trustworthy.

White or gray hair indicates the wisdom that comes with age and how your body weakens as you age.

Islamic interpretation of hair in dream:

If the hair is small or slightly, it symbolizes the steadfastness in religion and the Sunnah.

If poetry is much symbolized by the state of the states that are deprived of religion.

A Woman sees her hair black: (1) her husband loves her. (2) her husband straight and straight.

A woman dreams of revealing her hair: her husband is absent. If the hair remains exposed, the husband will not return to it.

If she is not married, the dream means she will never get married.

A woman dreams that her hair is too thick and that people stare at him: she will face a scandal.

A married man sees a lock of hair: he will have a son Mubarak.

Bachelor dreams of hair locks: virgin, slave, or maid for each hair lock.

A woman dreams of a lock of hair: he will have a son who will become a leader. Hair clogging also symbolizes a fertile year

Christianity interpretation of hair in dream:

The dream of gray hair represents feelings of being experienced or serious in some aspects of your life. Long-term experience, irony, professionalism or a subject that has to be thought about a lot. Acquired and applied wisdom. Feeling wiser than others. Respect yourself or others to accomplish it.

The dream that someone else’s hair is your thoughts or that your thinking depends on anything that characterizes those qualities, feelings or memories of that person. May also reflect a similar way of thinking for that person.
The dream of eating hair may be a sense of disgust or embarrassment that you have to try or think about someone else’s problem.

The dream of insects in your hair represents harassment, frustrations or unwanted situations you feel stuck. Feeling unable to stop thinking about something annoying.

A fire dream is an obstacle to loss or threat of loss. Preoccupation with a very dangerous situation. The feeling that there are “not joking” this time. It may solve the dreams of the hair you are exposed to when you or someone you know is experiencing a terrible crisis like the death of a loved one.
You may dream of smelling your hair with a feeling about how you feel about someone else’s way of thinking. The smell of hair may be like your acceptance or attraction to someone else’s thoughts. The smell may not reflect your rejection or disgust with someone else’s ideas.

Psychological interpretation of hair in dream:

If a woman dreams that she has beautiful hair and combed, you will be neglected in her personal affairs and you will lose progress in the neglect of mental application.

For a man to dream that he is weakening his hair, he predicts that he will do they became poor of his vineyard, suffering from illness through mental anxiety.

To see your hair turns gray, expect death and infection in the family of some relatives or some friends.

To see yourself covered with hair, omits indulgence in vices like this
To the extent that deprives you of the community of liquidated persons.

If a woman, they will solve themselves in a world of their own, claiming the right to act for their own pleasure regardless of ethical laws.

If a man dreams that he has black hair, cooling, it will fool people through the title of pleasure.

Very likely to deceive women who trust him. If a woman’s hair looks black and curly, you will be threatened with seduction.

If you dream of seeing a woman with golden hair, you will prove it a frightened lover and a true friend of women.

Different interpretation of hair in dream:

Dream of cutting your hair:

If you dream of cutting your hair, this dream may indicate some of the major changes in your life.
This dream may also indicate a loss of power.

It may indicate a feeling as if someone is watching you.

This dream may also indicate a change in your thinking.

It may also indicate changes to your goals and ambitions or the removal of harmful old habits.

Dream of getting your hair cut:

If you dream of cutting your hair, this dream may reveal your willingness to leave some things in your life.

I dream of cutting someone’s hair. If you dream of cutting someone’s hair, this dream may indicate your fear of losing control in some situations in your life.

Dream of combing and styling your hair:

If you dream of combing and styling your hair, this dream may indicate judgment and evaluate some new concepts, idea, or way of thinking.
You may try to organize your ideas better.

This dream may refer to taking all the facts into account, with regard to some important things.

Sometimes this dream represents concern about your appearance and your self-portraits.

Dream of your death:

if you dream of the death of your hair, this dream may indicate that you need someone’s advice, regarding your future.

If you walk your hair in a dream, this dream is a good sign, indicating that you will soon overcome some of the obstacles you face.

If you are walking around in someone’s dream, this dream may indicate that person will help you in some way in the near future.

Dream of washing your hair:

If you wash your hair in a dream, this dream is a good sign and means the success of some new endeavors or relationship.

Dream of falling hair:

If you dream of falling your hair, this dream is not a good sign, suggesting some future losses.

This dream may also indicate the loss of your trust.

It may also indicate a sense of defeat in some situations in your life.

Dream of growing hair:

If you dream of your feeling significantly, this dream may indicate the need to make some decision or decision in the near future. This dream may also be a sign of your growing confidence.


Hair as a symbol represents the power and power that if cut in a dream can mean you lose strength. This can be in a relationship. To cut friends or family members, your hair is positive, especially if the hair is originally inflated. Changing the hair style dramatically to something positively spiritual indicates a lifting of moral in a waking life. Simple forms of hair can show a new success, which will soon be revealed.

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