Interpretation of dream symbol ‘butterfly’:


In a dream, a butterfly refers to ignorance, inexperience with persons, or lack of experience in the appropriate protocol. A butterfly in a dream can also mean love and sacrifice the lives of others for others. The butterfly in a dream represents the worshipers of fire, fear or weak enemy who speaks big words.

Islamic interpretation of butterfly in dream:

If a butterfly farmer sees in his dream, it means hardships and lack of work, or approval of evil by association with evil companions, or befriending wretched women.

In a dream, the magician represents a temptation. If an apple is used in his illusion in a dream, it means he will seduce his son.

If he uses a butterfly in his dream performance, it means he will rape his wife.

Christianity interpretation of butterfly in dream:

Butterfly dreams are special or important problems for you that are sensitive to losing them. It may also reflect fear of loss. You may be sensitive to having to change something you want. Butterflies generally represent personal interests or relationships that we don’t want to give up or change. Instead, a butterfly may be something you feel you need to be very careful about or you don’t want to scare.

To dream of a butterfly flying away from you is to give up something special or important to you. It may also reflect a change you feel compelled to make.

Butterflies commonly appear in the dreams of people who have suffered the death of a friend or family member. The butterfly reflects their sensitive feelings about having to give up on loved ones.

Butterflies tend to appear in dreams when anything you invest emotionally is threatened or criticized. You don’t want to give up something or feel embarrassed by something you love. You may have a passion or interest or someone you feel is important to maintain. A butterfly can also refer to criticizing things you enjoy, or paying attention to what others think.

Psychological interpretation of butterfly in dream:

To see a butterfly between flowers and green herbs, shows prosperity and fair achievements.

To see them move around, shows the news of the absent friends in a message, or from someone who saw them. To a young woman, happy love, It culminated in the Union of Life.

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