Meaning and interpretation of wedding in dream:


The wedding symbolizes the acquisition of honor, dignity, pomp and material wealth, and its management depends on the beauty of descent and the social status of his bride in the dream.

Islamic interpretation of wedding dream:

If one sees himself as a bride on his wedding night, accompanied by musicians and dancers in the dream, it means that he may die in that place.

If one sees that they mate with their bride, but they cannot see or recognize them, nor have they included their name in the dream, it also means their death.

If one sees and recognizes his bride, or if she is named as a bride in a dream, it means gaining wealth.

Christianity interpretation of wedding in dream:

To dream of a wedding represents uniformity with some aspects of yourself. Join or merge attributes. It may also reflect an experience in your life where you notice something permanent. It is often a symbol of new habits or situations that have become common in your life. A wedding can also be a motivating event that motivates you to do something all the time. Sometimes it can reflect a conversion event.

Negatively, the wedding may reflect negative attitudes or negative thinking patterns that have become commonplace in your life and amplify in your awake life. Negative attitudes or unwanted aspects of integrating yourself. Fear, want, jealousy or guilt that occur regularly or feel permanent.

You may dream of attending a wedding that reflects your feelings about the permanent changes that happen to someone else. It may reflect that you see yourself changing. Faced with 2 sides of yourself merge.

Dreaming of planning a wedding represents the preparations you make for permanent or dangerous change.

The dream of escaping from a wedding may reflect feelings of desire to avoid a permanent situation. Having second thoughts about a commitment or commitment you have made.

Dreaming of problems or fighting at a wedding may reflect problems with commitment, trust or consistency. You may have second thoughts about the change you are considering. Instead, this may reflect jealousy to you or someone else while watching others do something. Not wanting to see someone else always realize the goal. It may also indicate a feeling that seeing lasting change is not a good idea.

Psychological interpretation of wedding in dream:

For the wedding in your dream, you will find quickly that there is approaching you suitable which will cause you bitterness and delay success.

For a young woman to dream that her wedding is a secret is without doubt
Unfavorable for personality. Imports her potential fall.

If she is contracting a worldly marriage, or a certified marriage, that indicates it you will rise in appreciation of them and expect promises and joys will not be withheld.

If you think of her dream of having parental objections, you will find that her engagement will lead to dissatisfaction among her relatives.

For her to dream of her lover marry another, he predicts that she will feel distressed with unnecessary fears, as her lover will faithfully implement his promises.

For a person who dreams of bonding, it is a sad harbinger, as death will do just to be an elusive miracle.

If the wedding is a gay one there
Are not ministers, pale-faced or black-headed ministers who make official promises, reflections may be expected.

For a young woman who dreams that she sees some at her wedding dressed
In mourning, she shows that she will only feel unhappy in her married life.

If she’s at another wedding, you’ll feel sad about the unfavorable wealth some relatives or friends. You may experience resentment or illness where I expected happiness and health. Fun trips for others or own, after this dream, you may be deeply disturbed by unpleasant interventions or surprises.

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