Meaning of wood in dream:


Wood stands for pledges whose positive or negative consequences will depend on the condition and color of the trees in a dream. Thus, the dream about the forest is interpreted in many ways. First you need to remember the details of the dream; in particular what trees you saw in the wood.

Islamic interpretation of wood in dream:

Wood symbolizes religious hypocrisy or hypocrites in general, especially dry wood. God says in the Holy Qur’an, “When you see them (hypocrites), their personalities please you. If they speak, they will give permission to speak.

In a dream, a wood sculptor represents someone who meets the needs of a group of hypocrites and deceives them with their money.

Planks that burn a piece of furniture in a dream are a minister or statesman dealing with highlands and lows. It can also mean connecting with righteous people who point out the exploits you are experiencing and help you remove a bug.

Christianity interpretation of wood in dream:

Dreaming of something made of wood represents your belief that the situation is “good enough” or meets current needs. Feelings about some areas in your life being strong, but not completely permanent. A renewable, replaceable, flexible, “sculptable” side of your life to meet your current needs. Options that are good enough to maintain. Satisfaction with the way something is currently. Note that you can easily replace something if necessary or if it becomes too old. Refusing to listen to anyone who tells you to accept something is permanent. Ideas strong enough to help you stay in position or problem. Accept current needs.

Negatively, something made of wood may represent a feeling that something will not last forever. It may also reflect your view of something of “temporary” quality. Feelings about relationships or friendships are strong, but not permanent. People confidently use the short term. Your feelings about your level of faith are good enough for a moment, as if you couldn’t be perfect.

The dream of cracking wood represents feelings of a “good enough” attitude that show signs of need for correction or regeneration. A potential problem or problem in an area of ​​your life is not permanently perfect.

Psychological interpretation of wood in dream:

To dream the jungle, brings a natural change in your affairs.

If the forest appears green, the change will be lucky.

If stripped of greenery, it will prove a disaster.

To see the forest on fire, shows that your plans will arrive pathological maturity.

Boom will boom to your advantage.

Dreaming that you are dealing in firewood, shows that you will win a wealth of determined resolve.

Different interpretation of wood in dream:

You have cut the wood in a dream:

This is a sign of the trouble it raises; you may get sick by ignoring the bad weather and not wearing your clothes warmly. Or you may lose a large amount of money because of your negligence.

If you see the burning of wood in a dream:

It portends problems that require an urgent solution, and you will be able to manage the situation.

Walking in the forest with a love partner:

Is a sign of harmony and emotional balance in relationships with your lover.

For the spinster, the wooden symbols that the soul mate will soon show in life. Moreover, the potential pair will be strong and healthy. For a young boy, wood ensures a pleasant journey, which will be filled with new knowledge.

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