Ghost dream interpretation

Meaning of ghost in dream:

The dream of ghosts can indicate that something is chasing your mind and feelings from your past. May be the actual person you have a relationship with, or it may be a project that you have not yet completed.

It weighs in your mind that you have not been able to abandon or bring what the ghost represents to a result. To find peace in your life, it is necessary to allow yourself to put old things to rest and free yourself from all the regret and ties of the past.

When your ghosts and spirits visit your dreams, this may mean that something is no longer within your grasp. You can no longer access them. You can also say that you feel separated from your life and the world around you. This can be a prompt to see things more clearly.

Islamic interpretation of ghosts in dream:

A ghost in a dream represents the money earned from a friendly person.

If a expected woman sees a ghost in dream, it means that she will give birth to a son.

In the dream, the return of one’s soul to his Lord means turning trust into its rightful owner, restoring a sick person from his illness, releasing a prisoner from prison, or possibly representing reunification. People who love each other.

Christenity interpretation of ghost’s dream:

The dream of a ghost represents issues of your past that have not been resolved and are still affecting you.

People often dream of the ghost of one of their loved ones who died after death or violent death. This is probably a reflection of their feelings about the “haunting” tragedy.

The dream of the ghost of his deceased loved ones can also reflect the feeling of giving up or abandoning him because of the death of your partner. It may also reflect your feelings that one deceased love, while in the spirit world, does not agree with your current life or something you did to them.

The dream of parents, family members, friends or others may be a greater symbolic value if you consider the dream symbol a true image of the person rather than a ghost.

The dream of being a ghost represents your feelings of being unable to do what you want. Something that has sacrificed your spirits, your hopes and desires and left you feeling incomplete or dissatisfied. She was not completely ignored and ignored in life.

The dream of the ghost of your grandmother may reflect your feelings of discomfort because of a position more powerful than to ignore. Guilt that you are not doing the right thing in a conflicting position is impossible to ignore.

To dream of giving gifts or sacrificing ghosts to appease them is to feel compelled to do favors or be very pleasant with people to make up for your sins.

Psychological interpretation of ghost dream:

The resurrection is represented by old feelings or memories of ghost dreams. At present, the requirement to take appropriate action is what we understand by communicating with the dead.

In dreaming if we are chasing a ghost, it is that we have not dealt with a kind of emotional trauma well enough.

Different interpretation of ghost dream:

If the ghost talks to you in a dream, your enemies will attract you.

If a woman has ghost dreams, she is a symbol of deceit and widowhood.

If you have a dream in which the male ghost on your left and the female ghost on your right side of the sky, both appear delightful, and indicate the sudden rise to being famous; however, the respect, power and position will be occupied for a short time, as deception and death will take all this in soon.

If you have a dream of a female ghost floating in the sky clinging to long dresses, they symbolize that you will advance in some scientific studies and will earn money amazingly.

To get a dream where a friend or relative is living is a ghost, states that you are at risk of a friend’s slander, so it is a warning to you to keep personal affairs to yourself, under your own supervision.

If you have a dream where the ghost seems to be fine, then this indicates the death of an early friend.


Many people care about their dreams, dreams that occur at different times, attitudes and different ways. Dream vision is the product of our imagination, and includes all the actions taken from our sleep, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Occurs at any time in different ways. If you are confused about your dreams than read each previous translation.

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