Vegetables Dreams Meaning | What does vegetables mean in dream?

From vegetables you gain energy for your daily activities. some people have elergy from some vegetables but no matter you can eat those vegetables which you like.

Dreaming of vegetables can be powerful and best, depend upon saturation that you see in your dreams.

Vegetables dreams at night it’s mean you need better way of your life. vegetables dream remind you that gain strength and chose best way. sometimes your desire not match with your better way of life.

Vegetable dreams according to Islamic interpretation:


  • According to Islamic interpretation when you see boiled vegetables in your dreams it’s mean that you must gain success in your business.


  • Dreaming of boiled vegetables also mean that something happen suddenly in your life such as the celebrations,  a wedding or distress, sorrow or poverty.


  • Dreaming of Cooking mixed vegetables with milk means mixing lineage, or wedding from a different tribe, or it could mean starting a new and a good tradition. (Also see Stew).


Vegetable Dreams According to Christianity Interpretation:


According to Christianity the symbol of  vegetables in your dream represent  for sexual needs, but also for success and positive  developments. interpretation of dream depends upon vegetables.


example, the dreaming of eat garlic, onions or other varieties that have a strong affect on the breath in your dream, the dream sign represent a fight. may be a friend of the dreaming unintentionally learns something that hurts him. dreaming of carrot, asparagus and cucumber are considered as phallic sign due to their shape, cabbage mean clarity, spinach health and salad stands for the beginning. the dream of Beans and pea represent the revenue and profits.


Seeing green vegetables represent the sign of hard work. To plant it assurance the dreaming a pleasure of the heart. Any person who sees fresh green vegetables in the garden in the dream  should expect to find a sad secret.


The dreaming of buying vegetables represent grief and annoyance in the night dream interpretation, in the trade it represents dispute. eating vegetables is an interpretation of strange fate, deception and illness.


Vegetable dreams according to psychological interpretation:


On one side, vegetables represented vitality, nutrition and health; on the other side it also satuated for eventfulness and fatigue. disadvantage to motionlessness it vegetates  in front of him like all plants. In dream interpretation, elemental feelings also often reflects by symbol. A sexual reference is also clear: The shape of some vegetables can be designed to the female or the male sex organ. If such vegetables are grown in a night dream, the senseless wish for sexual attainment is revealed.


The consumption or farming of vegetables, which reflects in the night dream constantly a bodily or intellectual distress. If the dream sign “vegetables” is cooked too long by the dreaming, so that in the end it is only mush, it represent a complicate behavior in the solving of problem.


Each vegetable meaning in dream:


  • Eating Vegetables in Dream:

  • When you are eating vegetables in your dream, that is a symbol that you are obtain too much of cabin fever. And you do not want to be grounded or bottom anywhere. You want to be a free spirit. it’s means that there may be something false and that you need to eat a little bit beneficial. It also mean that you need to make sure to arrive the internal free spirit inside.


  • Seeing Dead Vegetables in Dream:

  • If you are seeing dead vegetables around, that is a unpleasant sign that you need to make sure you see a doctor and to start eating a little better and doing more for your health. It is also a symbol that if you have a dream of being a free spirit, you shouldn’t keep your desires up to high on moving along since there is a possibility that it won’t occur.


  • Planting Vegetables in Dream:

  • If you are seeing in the dream that you are planting in the garden that is a symbol of fertility and there is a better chance you may become pregnant, If you already have children it represent that your children are going to live beautiful and pleasant lives and there is a excellent chance that they will blossom to be happy. And it might be that you observe like you are in the time of your life that you need to sit and take a time to breath and focus on yourself and your family.


  • Growing Vegetables in Dream:

  • If you are seeing in the dream that the vegetables growing big this is a big symbol that you will live joyfully with the choices you make in life.


  • Fresh Vegetables in Dream:

  • If you are seeing in the dream that you are eating a fresh vegetable that is a symbol that you require to think more and better on what you are doing. There is a time in your life that you need to take it easy and realize what you are doing could may be bad. Just make clear to dual think all things that you do.




Dreams can prove to be a very important means that judgement regarding your mind. If we follow any of above explanation of such dreams then its clear that its something related to confusion, changes in your mind but it may also be a warning of future happenings around you. if your are confused about your dream than follow above true meaning of your dream.

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