Traveling dream interpretation

Meaning of traveling in dream:

In a dream, traveling means discovering the essence or personality of people.

If a traveler is in a dream, it means that he may receive news from that direction.

Traveling in the dream also means changing the situation, condition, or environment, or having to wash the floor of the house, change the employer, repent of his sin, or satisfy the desires of his heart.

Traveling in a dream means because of the debt that weighs in one’s heart.

Islamic interpretation of travelling in dream:

Going out of an unknown home in a dream means traveling. If a sick person sees himself traveling from one land to another he can not recognize in his dream, that means his death.

If the traveler sees himself carrying a food basket in a dream, it means that he will take a positive look at things, or that he will take a practical step that will benefit him and his family.

If a poor person sees himself traveling in a dream, it means that he will become rich.

Christianity interpretation of traveling dream:

Travel may also reflect the ease or difficulty of feeling that your life is working towards a goal. Think about the terrain or any obstacles you might encounter.

Passively, travel may reflect the difficulty or gravity of achieving a goal. It may also symbolize the mundane state of your life and you are waiting for something different.

Consider the method of transport, pace, weather, obstacles, or baggage that you may incur for an additional meaning.

The dream of choosing to travel to distant countries may reflect your desire to understand different mindsets or to understand different opinions.

If your trips end, they represent the successful completion of a goal.

Psychological interpretation of traveling in dream:

To dream of travel, shows the profit and pleasure combined.

To dream of traveling through the unknown places rough, harbors
Dangerous enemies, perhaps a disease.

Above the bare or rock stains,
Indicates a clear gain, but the loss and disappointment will follow quickly.

If the hills or mountains are fertile and green, they will be prominent
Prosperous and happy.

To dream that you are traveling alone in a car, indicates that you are probably to make an eventful trip, and it would be disturbing.

To travel in a crowded car, predict lucky adventures, and the new and entertaining companions.

Different interpretation of traveling in dream:

Seeing yourself on travel:

Seeing yourself on a distant journey in your dream is a good sign of success in your romantic or work-related endeavors.

Travel through the unfamiliar dark terrain:

The sense of dreaming about traveling through the unfamiliar dark terrain is alarming and very sick.

Friends are preparing to travel:

Dreaming your friends, who are in a good mood and getting ready to travel shows some pleasant and joyful changes that are about to happen in your life.

I’m looking at a travel ship:

The dream of seeing a traveling ship express a symbol of a new man or woman about to meet them, which will change the course of your life in unpredictable ways.

Not pleasant while traveling:

Tells you unpleasant feelings in your dream about the way you travel about your subconscious mind that controls your consciousness, which causes imbalance when trying to access how your life is going.

Travel across rugged and rocky terrain:

Seeing yourself traveling through a rocky area covered with plants is a sign of unexpected luck, which will soon be replaced by the losses and disappointments you may face.

Travel through flowering fields:

Getting a dream about traveling through endless flowering fields, valleys or hills is a good sign of the prosperity, wealth and happiness that awaits you in your life.


Humans are curious to learn more about dream interpretation. Interpretation of dreams is like reading the meaning of each element and its synonyms in its mother tongue. We must be careful about telling someone else’s dreams. We must not tell the wrong person about our dream.

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