Snake in Dreams explanation: What Do They Mean

Watching snakes in dreams is quite common among most of the people and sometimes it terrifies the one who is watching the dream. So in-depth research about seeing snakes in dreams, we found multiple leads towards the explanation of dream related to snakes. Why we are saying this? because there are multiple ways of interpreting dreams. For Muslims, we take guidance from Quran and for Christians followers we follow bible teaching to interpret the meanings of dreams which is undoubtedly a great source of information. We also met a psychologist who has done a doctorate in Dreams Sciences to get the exact meanings of the dreams so in following are articles you will find the explanations of seeing Snakes In Dreams.

What do Snake Dreams Mean?

We further categorized the meanings according to the different school of thoughts. So you can take guidance from each source.

Snake Dreams According to Islamic Interpretation:

  • Snake in dreams represents your enemy, wife, wealth or children.
  • If a watcher is not afraid of snake in the dream then it means that he will get a lot of wealth and money.
  • Snake in dreams sometimes represents a wealthy enemy because venom means wealth and money in dreams.
  • If you catch a snake in dreams and pet it then it means you will settle the problems with the enemy soon and will get money too.
  • Killing snake means you will get success over your enemy.
  • If there’s blood of snake on your hand and snake is dead then it means your enemy will be dead soon and you will get the money.
  • If a snake bites you, You will get in trouble with your enemy.
  • Flying snakes means traveling.
  • Black Snake represents a big liar and strong fraud person while white snake means relatively weak enemy.
  • Sometimes killing snakes represent marriage too.

Snake Dreams According to Christianity Interpretation:

The serpent connects to the snake in Genesis that lures Eve to consume the prohibited fruit from the tree of heaven. In this tale, the snake is a sly and also scheming animal that has an adverse impact on others. Therefore, the snake might signify a harmful opponent, dishonesty, or deceptiveness.
Christians could locate that their desire for snake connect to tests as well as examinations that they are experiencing in their waking lives or in their partnerships with God.
Christian viewpoint might intend to additionally discover just what this scriptural tale indicates to them as well as exactly how the lessons and also challenges in Genesis connect to their existing experiences.

In Christianity, the snake in the dream is an icon of Lure.

Snack Dream According to Modern Psychology:

Dreams could aid us in checking out as well as comprehending the state of our subconscious; finding just what is required for better individual advancement; as well as acquiring understanding right into our subconscious.So according to modern Psychology seeing snakes in a dream could mean:

  • Snakes may represent hidden fears or worries that are currently threatening us in our subconscious.
  • Presence of snakes in dream symbolize mystery explaining that something in our real walking life is not as clear as they look.
  • Dreaming of snakes with a head at each end could show the feeling of being attracted in two opposite directions, the risk of loss, a lack of commitment or direction, or feelings of conflict possibly relating to sexual/romantic relationships.
  • A two-headed snake, in contrast, represents a cooperative and balanced relationship.

Snakes Related Actions in Dream:

Here we will discuss the actions related with snakes and their possible explanations.

Walking Over Snakes in Dream:

The decision you have made will bring more money and success for you.

A Bag filled with Snakes:

You may have something as to cause the wicked people to hate you.

Fighting With A Snake:

Fighting with a snake in dreams means that you are fighting with your own feelings or struggling with a decision that you have made. This dream may also indicate a power struggle in relationships or at work.

Eating Snake Head:

This is a glad tiding that the one who eats snakehead in dream will be blessed with a long life and plentiful of wealth.Luck of work rising or luck of money

Catch or kill a snake:

You are blessed with good luck like luck of money or economic fortune

Green snake Dream:

The good luck comes with the surge of love or creativity. Healing of illness

The snake sheds off the skin:

The improvement of vitality or reproduction power. The good opportunity that you can challenge a new thing

Snake invades your body:

You get a strong power

You keep or tame a snake as a pet:

You improve objective and appropriate judgment

Dream of a white snake:

You invite the rise and the good luck of fortune


Sample Dreams of Snakes and Their Explanations by Experts:

  • I dreamed of snakes in dreams, there were a lot of snakes. Some snakes were in the form of combination. I get rid of those snakes. Snakebite me. I am told that it is black cobra whose bite dies after a short time. My condition is fine But later my condition starts becoming bad. I am waiting for someone to come and give me the injection for the snake bite. Meanwhile, a servant comes and gives me an injection. I get better after that.Please explain its interpretation. I am so worried about this.


The interpretation of the above dream is that the dream is to fear the enemy they might want to damage you in future. So be careful, and make charity.

  • I dreamed of a lot of snakes, I did not do anything, nor did they say anything to me but they were just very big snakes and in a lot of quantity. Tell me the interpretation of it.


The interpretation of given dream is that most of your friends talk behind your back and they will try to harm you soon but you will be fine.



Seeing snakes in a dream could be the reason of fear of snakes in real life but if your subconscious is doing something with snakes then it may symbolize something which we explained in this whole article. Still, if you want to share your dream with us please do. We will try to explain it with the help of Dream interpretation experts.

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