Shoes dream meaning and different interpretation.

Meaning of shoes in dream:

The dream of dreams may symbolize how to proceed in the course of your career or your spiritual path in life.

For more explanation, consider the type of shoe, if you have a pair, where or when you will wear it (or wear it).

Islamic interpretation of shoes in dream:

In a dream, a pair of shoes represents one son, a car, a friend, a brother, a business partner, or a traveler.

Wearing a pair of shoes without a heel in the dream means having an arid wife.

Walking with one shoe in a dream means separation between husband and wife, or break up a business partnership.

Getting rid of shoes in the dream means winning and upgrading the station.

If both shoes are seen as being so torn that they are completely destroyed it means that his wife will die.

Buy a pair of shoes without using them: you will buy a thin girl or marry a free woman whose color or character is reflected as the color of the shoe color.

Shoe with a silver soul: a free and beautiful woman.

Christianity interpretation of shoes in dream:

Dream shoes represents your style of life or attitude. How to choose to deal with situations. Your style or approach to face problems. Our principles, our morals, our goals or our motives. Look at the color and style of shoe for additional token.

The dream of very narrow shoes is an approach to an excessive and ineffective attitude.

The dream of changing your shoes is to change your attitude. Different methods or ideas are used.

The dream of getting your shoes out is to give up your style in a situation. Maybe I found that some ideas or methods are not useful to you. Retirement from a position or challenge. Passively, it may be a sign that you are giving up or giving up easily.

The dream of white shoes is an approach to a position based on goodwill or the desire not to do anything wrong. Instead, white shoes may reflect an approach to a position or life focused on fixing problems or dealing with negativity for good.

The dream of red shoes represents a serious approach to the situation. Dealing with problems in a criminal, risky, dangerous, unintentional or reckless manner. Dealing with situations without any consideration for the feelings of others. The way to resolve the problem is not too honest. Dealing with problems by being very angry at people or intimidating people who can not refuse it. Use sex in an unfair way to get what you want from people.

The dream of not being able to find your shoes represents the feelings of being unable to approach a situation with confidence or in a way you used to do. Feeling that your ways to solve a problem will not work the way you thought it would.

The dream of polishing shoes is an attempt to look perfect or “polished” with attitude handling techniques. Do not want to look tense, inexperienced, or immoral in any way whatsoever. You can trust the desire to look good and know what you are talking about to others or just like you. You may be concerned about leaving a good first impression or that you are out of cash.

A dream of a pair of sneakers (running shoes) is a free or worry-free approach. Play it cool. Do not take life seriously. Comfort and satisfaction about yourself and who you are.

Psychological interpretation of shoes in dream:

In order to dream of seeing your shoes dirty and dirty, show that you are
The enemies will make your criticisms unfair.

To make them dark in your dreams, predicts to improve your affairs,
Some important events will cause you satisfaction.

New shoes, changes will prove to be helpful. if they hit your feet, they will bump into you uncomfortably
On the practical joke of the Companions loving the pleasure of your sex.

To find them untied, indicates losses, quarrels and ill-health. their loss is a sign of escape and divorce.

In order to dream that your shoes were stolen during the night, but you have two pairs of hose, indicates that you have a loss, but you will gain in some other pursuit.

In order for the young woman to dream that her shoes will be admired at her feet, cautions to be cautious in allowing newly introduced people, and men of any kind, to approach in a familiar way.

Different interpretation of shoes in dream:

Wearing shoes in a dream:

May be realistic or rooted. shoes that do not suit you may indicate that you are not honest with yourself – your actions are not in line with your beliefs.

Not wearing shoes:

The barefoot may be suggestive of being carefree. may symbolize poverty and homelessness. may represent little or no protection or resources.

Change shoes:

May represent a significant change in life, such as changing jobs or changing relationships.

It may symbolize a change in attitude towards, or a belief or approach to something.

May represent a change in your understanding of someone or something.

Wearing inappropriate shoes:

May indicate a lack of preparedness for the situation.

You may be unwilling to conform to what is expected of you.

Losing or forgetting your shoes:

May indicate that you are unwilling or unwilling to take the next step or move forward in developing a vigilant life.

It may indicate that you have forgotten an important step or you may not have understood anything quite important.


Shoes represent your approach to life. It is suggested to wear shoes in your dream that you are rooted or modest. It also represents your convictions about your beliefs. If you change your shoes, it indicates the new path or changing roles in your life, but you may find that you are resisting these changes.

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