Rain dream interpretation

Meaning of rain in dream:

Rain symbolizes comfort and a good year, especially for farmers or farmers, and more if you fall in the right season, the dream of rain in general, is a sign that dead things will be revived.

Rain in the appropriate season also refers to the mercy of God and the Holy Qur’an. However, the rain can also symbolize plague and pests that come from the sky, such as locust swarms, wild hailstorms and storms, especially if seen with fire or hot water. In fact, the rain of blood is a harbinger of sedition, tragedies and bloodbath. Rain off-season is also a disaster.

Islamic interpretation of rain in dream;

• The abundance of rain everywhere: prosperity and joy and the discovery of new springs.

• Rain falls in a certain place: grief for the people of that region or the dreamer himself, who will lose dearly. Race Dreamer Rain: means plentiful.

• Drink virgin rain water: care.

• Drink troubled rainwater: The dreamer will be as sick as he was drunk in your dream.

• Ripe honey, good fruit, margarine, milk or oil: Prosperity.

• General and harmful rain, such as the sky raining blood or stones: (1) sins and ignoring the commands of God. (2) The travel project will be suspended.

• Precipitation in a specific area: (1) Cheating in weights and scales. (2) homosexuality.


If there is no damage or destruction caused by a rainy storm in a dream, it means blessing, profit and compassion. Rain in a dream represents life, or earth, or the fulfillment of a promise. If rain falls exclusively on a particular site in a dream, it means sorrow and distress for its inhabitants, or it may mean losing a loved one. If one sees rain exclusively on his house in a dream, it means personal blessings. Otherwise, he felt that they were located on the whole city in a dream, that meant blessings for all. Rain falling exclusively on one’s home in the dream also means that someone will get sick at that house, or suffer from debilitating and exhausting pain. If the sky is raining stones or blood in a dream, it means calamities and punishment for the sins of people. If the rain is dust or sand in a dream, it represents an unjust ruler in that region. If the sky falls without dust, it also means prosperity and good yield. If the traveler sees rain in a dream, it means there are obstacles in his journey.

Christianity interpretation of rain in dream:

Rain dream represents sadness, frustration, difficulties or depression. May also reflect despair. Some areas of your life have not been destroyed or dominated by your “happiness”. You are experiencing an unwanted change or being distracted with a problem.
Bad mood or feeling that something is going wrong. Feeling that bad times are coming or that the future will not be very bright. The feeling that you will miss someone or something in your life.

Rainwater that accumulates, or begins to rise, reflects your feelings about problems that become too much for you.

Different interpretation of rain in dream:

Dream of walking in the rain.

If you dream of walking in the rain, this dream may indicate that you rely too much on external factors and other people to help you achieve your goals, instead of your own efforts. For this reason, you may experience difficulties when you need to do something on your own.

Dreams of dancing in the rain.

If you dream of dancing under the rain, this dream is a very good sign, indicating happiness and joy. It also indicates the possibility of helping someone you know in his or her career.

Dreaming to be with someone in the rain.

If you dream of being with someone in the rain, this dream may indicate some of the problems that this person might soon face. May need help or advice to overcome it.

Dream of a strong rain.

If you dream of heavy rains, this dream is a sign of the good things that will come to your life, which will make you feel happy.

Dreams of a storm of heavy rain.

If you dream of finding yourself in the midst of a heavy rainstorm, with thunder and strong winds, this dream is a sign of some unfortunate and disconcerting events, which may cause you much disappointment in the near future.

Dream of cold rain drops:

If you feel rain and cool drops on your skin in a dream, maybe even soak your pants, this dream is a warning to your health. This dream may indicate illness in the near future.

This dream may also indicate some serious situations in your life that should be taken care of immediately.

Dream of dark rain drops:

If you see drops of dark drops in a dream, this dream may warn you of some people trying to destroy your reputation by spreading lies behind your back.

Dream of heavy rain drops:

If you dream of the heavy drops of rain falling on your skin, or you see them fall to the ground, and speak high voices, this dream may refer to someone from your past will remind you of some bad memories, which disturbs your peace.

Dream of not feeling rain drops:

If you dream of standing outside in the rain, but without the feeling of rain drops, this dream is a very good sign, indicating success in overcoming some serious diseases.

Dream of sudden and cold rain:

If you have a quick, cool rain in your dream, this dream may indicate that you need to rely more on yourself to achieve your goals, rather than relying on your luck alone.

Dream of a warm rain:

If you stand on the warm rain in a dream, this dream is a good sign, which shows the best times to come.


Dream vision is the product of our imagination, and includes all the actions taken from our sleep, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Occurs at any time in different ways. If you are confused about your dreams than read each previous translation.

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