Rabbit dream interpretation.

Meaning of Rabbit in dream:

In a dream, a rabbit represents a cowardly man, wife, evil woman, or someone constantly talking about things that are not important.

the rabbit symbolizes a woman Whoever kills him will get married.

Islamic interpretation of Rabbit in dream:

Eating rabbit meat in a dream means getting a little money, or taking advantage of a woman.

A rabbit’s feet in a dream represents fables or mascot.

If one hunts deer or rabbit in his dream, it means money and profits.

If one is looking for a sport in a dream, it means backbiting or slander on a woman.

Christianity interpretation of Rabbit in dream:

The dream of rabbits represents the feelings of intimidation or intimidation. Mentality can be easily or nervously performed. Easy to fear about maintaining emotional safety. It may also reflect avoiding situations because of shyness. Intuitive avoidance of danger. A patent that does not want to take one risk at all.

Passively, a dream of a rabbit may be a sign that you are too quick to choose to escape fears. Do not stand on the ground at all or do not take the time to plan ways to confront problems that scare you. You are easily afraid. Escape from your fears or anything that scares you. Concern about the remaining problems above all. Avoid uncomfortable social gatherings. Easily scared of romantic crush.

Instead, rabbits in dreams may reflect feelings about the sensitive people in your life that you should deal with carefully. Fears with someone easily intimidating. Often a symbol of a woman who avoids sex. It was not about the impossibility of catching someone or something that only cared about health.

Dreaming of having a pet rabbit in your cage may enjoy having an innocent excuse allowing you to easily avoid issues. Enjoy loyalty to your partner by choosing to avoid cheating or having sex with others.

Psychological interpretation of Rabbit in dream:

To dream of rabbits, foretells favorable turns in conditions,
and you will be more pleased with your gains than formerly.

To see white rabbits, denotes faithfulness in love, to the married or single.

To see rabbits frolicking about, denotes that children will contribute
to your joys.

Different interpretation of Rabbit in dream:

If you see your dream a white rabbit:

Indicates that you have a strong desire to have children. This may be the case even if you do not have such passion because the dream may show aspects of your unconscious mind. If you are married, it is a dream that you are fully confident of your husband’s sincerity.

The meaning of a dream that will frighten a rabbit and cause him to escape is not clear:

This shows that someone will try to take revenge on you. This is especially true if you have this dream during daytime nap.

Dreaming to see a large group of rabbits in the wild:

Indicates that you will soon have plenty of opportunities to improve your social life. You may suddenly enter an environment in which you meet many people who share your interests. From time to time, this dream signifies that you will become a member of a club of select few.

Seeing the rabbit tame in the cage:

Shows that you can maintain the incentives and emotions under control. Often maturity in behavior and youth means that this dream signifies that they are aware of the responsibilities of puberty that await them.

If you dream that you are hunting rabbits:

You do not have to force things in your personal life. On the contrary, you have to go back and let things go their natural way. If you are in a relationship, then you need to leave some space to maneuver to the other side of the link.


It is not possible to find exactly the interpretation of dreams. Some dreams are only meaningless, so it is hard to find an explanation for them. You can guess the interpretation yourself because the best explanation is from the person himself.

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