Why do we dreams?

Dreams are one of the most imp and interesting aspects of our sleep state. The pschology and pschiatry community seems to stand divided on dreams ● There are a lot of school of thought but according to one school of thought which belief dreams are just pointless messages relayed by our mind as it is … Read more

Snake islamic dream

    In Islam, the snake in dream  is considered a vicious creature and represents oncoming trouble or unknown danger. If in a dream you are being chased snakes, get bitten snakes, or have snakes in your house then something horrible in your life requires immediate attention. On the other hand, dreams about overpowering or … Read more

Interpretation of your Snake Dream

  If you feel fear when you see the snake in your dream, it indicates that you are having difficulties facing the unknown or uncertainty in your life. When the presence of the snake in your dream is neutral or friendly, it suggests that you are dealing with fears or concerns with assurance. It is … Read more

Symbol of snakes

  At first you need to know these:- SNAKES may be trying to warn you: Snakes can also be stumbled upon by surprise, which can associate them with secrets. The phrase “snake in the grass” refers to this sense of someone who cannot be trusted, who may deceive or keep a secret from you. Interestingly, … Read more


 Snakes in dreams can have a wide variety of meanings. Despite the fear they arouse, snakes in dreams are actually usually complex and multi-layered symbols. For centuries, snakes have been associated with wisdom and healing. In dreams, this association can mean snakes are a powerful sign of personal transformation – change through healing, almost like … Read more