Mountain dream

The meaning of Mountain in a dream:

The dream of a mountain symbolizes hard work, overcoming obstacles, and rising above simple daily wrangling.

It takes a great effort to climb mountains and you may encounter many obstacles in your way.

When you climb to the top, there is a great sense of accomplishment with the new skills you have learned to get there. this is true in your real life also when you face difficult challenges. There may be some difficult obstacles to overcome them very soon. Know that you have the resources to overcome anything you need.

Mountains can represent current challenges or those on the road. If you are approaching a mountain in your dream, you will have a great challenge to overcome it very soon. Having a mountain in the distance means that challenges will emerge in the distant future.

Islamic interpretation of mountain dream:

If he sees a mountain descending from heaven in a dream, it represents a visit to the local governor of that region.

If one sees the mountain rising in the sky in a dream, it means that the governor of that town will be separated.

If the mountain is beautifully dressed in a dream, it means that one will take more power.

If one sees an earthquake colliding with a mountain in a dream, it means that the disasters will be on the ground or the country.

If one of the actors sees the mountain in his dream, it means he will certainly suffer for his sins.

A mountain in a fire in a dream represents the death of a dangerous person.

Living in a mountain in a dream means earning one’s life and living happily there.

Holding a mountain in the dream means taking responsibility for managing a prominent merchant’s business, and such responsibilities will weigh heavily on it.

If the mountain is radiant with the lights, it means that the person’s responsibilities will be light as well

Swallowing the mountain in the dream means controlling and controlling the tough and strong men.

Climbing the mountain until you reach a flat surface in a dream means serving orphans or ill patients.

Entering a cave inside a mountain in a dream means access to safety.

Climbing the mountain and enjoying plants and fresh water in the dream means harboring one’s chastity in the wife’s company, or learning knowledge or commerce that meets one’s needs.

According to Bible interpretation of mountain dream:

The dream of being on the top of a mountain represents achievement and achievement of goals. Obstacle or challenge has been overcome. Proud of yourself to accomplish something difficult. Feeling accomplished. Feeling a lot of respect for yourself. Feeling good after you have proven yourself. A good sense of embarrassing someone else tells you that your goals are impossible.

The snowy mountain dream represents a major obstacle in your life and you realize that it is in bad conditions.

The dream of climbing a mountain is a challenge you are trying to overcome. May also reflect action towards a long-term goal. Work to overcome a great fear or a huge problem. Prove yourself when no one believes in you. Having problems in your life may seem impossible.

Psychological interpretation of mountain in a dream:

Everyone needs to deal with all the difficulties in life. It is necessary to know how you can cope with all these difficulties and deal with them.

The mountain symbol in your dreams provides a number of possibilities for interpretation.

The way you act on the mountain in your dreams is a reflection of your psychic behavior in real life.

Dreaming with a mountain from the top means only that you, as soon as, certainly hope to have a better, clearer and controlling view of things.

Everything you find on the mountain and what happens to you there also provides you with basic translation.

Important to interpret dreams is what the dreamer finds on the mountain or what happens there. If the road to the mountain is very difficult and difficult, then in general it can be related to the difficult situation in the life of the dreamer.

Different interpretation of mountain in a dream:

Mountain climbing:

May symbolize an arduous battle in some aspects of life.
You may symbolize overcoming obstacles while working toward a goal.

Stand at the top of the mountain:

It may suggest reaching a goal or successfully overcoming a major obstacle to life.

May symbolize a higher perspective – the ability to see the larger picture.

Descending the mountain:

May be a sense of frustration or surrender.

May represent a descent from “high” and become more essentially.

It may be suggested that the hardest part of doing something is over and that the road ahead should be easy – “everything comes from here”.

Looking at a mountain:

May represent a major decision evaluation.

You may consider opportunities to overcome a major obstacle or reach a goal.

See the mountains in the distance:

You may be asked to consider potential problems that may arise in the future and how to overcome them.

It may suggest some problems that seem small at first but will loom over time.

Flying over a mountain:

May offer you high hopes to overcome adversity and / or reach your goal.

You might suggest that you achieved something easily.

You may be advised to avoid a problem.


Dreams often reflect real life experiences, but they can also include fantasies and imagination. This may be due to some sleep disturbances and discomfort. Emotion and fear may be prevalent in most dreams

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