Interpretation of dream symbol ‘ocean’:


The ocean element in a dream is a prison where marine life is held, meaning loss, fear, despair, boundless knowledge, a city without walls, or the world, its trials and wonders.

The ocean or sea in a dream is also a powerful, just and compassionate ruler for his subjects, who are revered by the people, who obtain and search for their daily needs.

Islamic interpretation of ocean in dream:

If a businessman sees an ocean in a dream, it represents his goods. For the worker or trainee, the ocean in a dream represents his mentor or veteran master.

If one sees the ocean in a dream, it means that it will succeed in achieving its goals.

If one sees himself in the ocean or sea in a dream, it means that he will enter in front of the ruler, or stand before someone in power.

If one sees that he is sitting or hanging around the seaside in a dream, it means that he will work for such a person or ruler, although he will watch with caution and diplomacy with him.

Christianity interpretation of dream symbol ‘ocean’:

To dream of the ocean represents a strong uncertainty in your life. Face negative attitudes or negative emotions. The bigger your conflicts or the more perplexing challenges. The feeling of this problem is enormous.

Traveling across the ocean represents navigating through a phase of your life full of uncertainty or enormous challenges. You pass through a problematic problem.

To dream of a Pacific or Pacific landscape represents stability and emotional balance. Problems encountered or accepted. You treat yourself well or control a difficult situation.

Swimming or falling into the ocean represents a confrontation or conflict with uncertainty. You are “deep head” in trouble. You may feel overwhelmed by a problem or challenge.

The pink ocean dream may reflect a feeling of a serious problem of overcoming someone’s lust. The sexual attraction you feel may be a serious problem.

Psychological interpretation of dream symbol ‘ocean’:

To dream of the ocean when it is calm is favorable.

Sailor will be a fun and profitable journey.

The entrepreneur will enjoy a season of pay, the young man will reveal in his beloved charm.

To be away from the ocean, hearing the waves hitting the ship, disaster forebodes in business life, quarrels and storms intervals at home.

To be on the beach and see the ocean waves flying against each other, predict your narrow escape from injury and designs of enemies.

To dream of seeing the shallow ocean so that it allows to go,or a view from below, signifies prosperity and pleasure with the mixing of sadness and hardship.

To sail in the ocean when it is calm, always favorable.

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