Interpretation of dream symbol Moon:


The moon represents the emotional and feminine aspect of human nature and includes human intuition, psychology, love and romance.

The falling moon in your dream indicates the dark or confused side of your character.

Moreover, the moon symbolizes motherhood or femininity and means that you are willing to give everything to your lover.

The moon also symbolizes your mother or your relationship with your mother. In general, it is a good dream which means you fit well with each other.

Islamic interpretation of moon in dream:

The full moon in the place where it should be, shines in the sky: the prime minister will be in favor of the people of that place.

See one face reflected in the moon: you will die.

Moon attachment: you will get some benefits from the Sultan.

A king who sees the moon has become dark: his subjects will harm him and deny everything good he has done to them.

Moon becomes sun: benefits, money and prosperity by wife or mother.

Be in perfect agreement with the moon: a reference to travelers, sailors, astrologers or astronomers.

If a poor man sees that the moon is faint in a dream, it means that his subjects will rise against it.

If the moon turns into a sun in a dream, it means receiving honor and wealth from the father or wife.

The moon in a dream also represents one’s wife, sons, daughters, sister, property, business, ship, ship or ship or may mean traveling.

For a sick or traveling person, seeing the moon in a dream means destroying or dying.

If the moon is obscured by clouds in the dream, it means a short illness.

Seeing the moon through clouds in a dream means losing an individual’s job.

If a wealthy person sees clouds covering the moon in a dream, it means losing his wealth.

Christianity interpretation of moon in dream:

To dream of the moon represents an area of ​​your life that has become overcome or strengthened. Attitudes become more hectic, exciting, or noticeable. Something in your life has become more fertile or obvious. The field of your life proves itself.

Positively, the moon may represent extraordinary luck or extraordinary positive results too. It seems that the biggest powers are working in your life now. Raise exciting romantic activity or overcome romantic feelings.

Negatively, the moon may reflect chaos, madness, or aggravation of problems. Feeling that something is out of control or that something dangerous extends outward.

Dreaming of a red moon or bloody moon may reflect the feeling that hectic, dramatic or “crazy” situations are too dangerous.

The dream of standing on the moon may reflect feelings of falling into a crazy or messy situation. An exciting moment or position you can’t take yourself out of it. Feeling completely indulged in the “mad” attitude.

To dream a moonlight help you see represent feelings about giving hope from an unusual, chaotic, or hectic source. Feeling that someone is doing something dangerous to help you behind the scenes. Very unusual advice or help during a big problem.

Psychological interpretation of moon in dream:

To dream of seeing the moon with the remnants of the natural sky, predict success in love and business.

A strange and strange moon, signifying their unambitious love, local infelicities and disappointing institutions business personality.

Moon in eclipse, shows that infection will ruin your community.

To see the new moon, shows an increase in wealth and moral partners in marriage.

To dream of a young woman she appeals to the moon to know him her fate indicates that she will soon be rewarded by marriage to one of their choice.

If you see two moons, you’ll lose her lover being mercenaries. If she sees the moon grow grim, she will let the supreme happiness in her life slip for want of feminine prowess.

To see red blood moon, refers to war and conflict, you will see her lover is walking away in defense of his own.

Different interpretation of moon in dream:

The dream of a lone moon in the sky without stars:

Indicates that you may be separated from your lover or your desire for love may not be satisfied.

The moon’s dream of clouds:

Indicates that your relationship with your lover or partner may worsen or you need to overcome some difficulties to achieve results.

The falling moon dream:

Refers to the dark side of your personality or the doubts in your mind that make you arrogant. If you are sailing or traveling, the moon’s falling dream indicates that you may be in danger during the flight and you should be careful about it.
For girls, the half moon’s dream:

Is a sinister sign reminding you of health and safety.
For unmarried men, the crescent dream:

Indicates that you may break up with your lover or suffer from insomnia due to anxiety and depression.

The full moon:

Symbolizes the extraordinary success in a relationship of love, affluence or childbearing. If you are pregnant, the dream of a full moon suggests that you will have a beautiful boy. For patients, the dream of a full moon indicates a rapid recovery.

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