Interpretation of dream symbol ‘garlic’:


Spiritually, garlic is an omen of magic. In general, garlic is also a sign of good health, protecting the heart and the entire human body, thus helping you overcome fear.

However, the old dream dictionaries warn that the dream in which you feel that you smell a strong smell of garlic is a cautionary dream about fights and unpleasant moments to come.

Islamic interpretation of garlic in dream:

Garlic in a dream means agony and distress. Eating raw garlic in a dream means receiving illegal money, bad words, cynical praise or a good barter for evil.

However, eating garlic cooked in a dream means repentance. Only a sick person can benefit from eating fresh garlic in a dream.

Gathering garlic in the fields in a dream means suffering from harm caused by an individual’s family.

Garlic means praising a person in a vulgar manner or for an obscene act or sin.

Eat cooked garlic: you will repent of sin.

The smell of garlic: The dreamer did something ugly, such as eating someone else’s money.

Christianity interpretation of garlic in dream:

To dream of garlic represents feelings of preventive trust. Confidently believing that you don’t lose if you don’t want it. Confidence that you are never desperate. Confidence that you can have an immediate effective effect if you wish. Trust you don’t listen if he doesn’t want it. Trust that you can control the situation if you need to. Confidence you feel good being strong enough, but serious if it is too strong. The confidence that surprises you by being very protective or strong if you get too close. Trust that you can tell people what to do or keep them under control.

Confidence in protection, security or police contact. Feeling that money protects you. Feelings of certainty about controlling something strong, sensitive or dangerous.

Negatively, garlic may represent feelings of having to assert yourself confidently with people who cheat you or neglect with you. Feeling that you never need to call the police or you never need to seek protection. Excessive trust that protects you or scares others. You face situations where you don’t like the need to repeat the assertion or protect yourself. Insecurity that makes you want or seek an immediate effective effect.

Psychological interpretation of garlic in dream:

Dreams of passing through a garlic patch, indicating height from penury to prominence and wealth.

To a young woman, this shows that she will marry the feeling of work, and love will not be seen.

To eat garlic in your dreams, shows that you will take reasonable showcase for life and leave ideals to take care of themselves.

Different interpretation of garlic in dream:

If you dream of garlic, especially how the seedlings fall:

They are a sign of inevitable serious illnesses and even death. So try to protect yourself and your family from dangerous behaviors and actions to prevent this expectation.

If there is a young and unmarried woman who sees garlic in the dream:

It means she will get married soon. But it should be noted that this will be a marriage of comfort, not a love affair. If you don’t want this to happen, you shouldn’t rush into hasty conclusions and decisions about the suggestion he has received from your fans. You are unlikely to be happy in life especially in such a marriage.

If you eat garlic in a dream:

Be prepared to fail in relationships. You may also herald family quarrels.

If you see a whole bunch of garlic:

It means you will start fighting against enemies. The outcome of this disagreement depends only on the extent of your wisdom and correct decisions in a particular situation.

If you smell the garlic in your dream:

It means that you should be prepared for a favorable situation, as you will be able to resist the tricks of your critics and deny wrong chatter.

If you plant garlic in your dream:

It means that you belong to a particular religion, helping you resist the negative impact of evil forces. The battle with the enemies will end in victory, if you tie garlic in a handful.

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