Interpretation of dream symbol ‘egg’:


If your distinctive dream is white, it symbolizes fertility, new changes, birth and creative ideas. It’s a great omen! It indicates that change is near.

Islamic interpretation of egg in dream:

Eat eggs: You marry a rich woman.

Egg crane: poor boy.

Budgie eggs: pious or virgin maid.

Give the egg: will be blessed with Ibn Sadiq. If the egg is broken, the son will die.

Pounding cooked eggs: will get money from the rulers.

A cleric or servant who dreams of receiving, boiling, and eating a boiled egg from his mistress: her child will be brought in accordance with her husband’s instructions, providing a source of livelihood for the dreamer.

A pregnant wife beats an egg once: he orders his wife to have an abortion.

Seeing someone else breaks the egg and throws it to the dreamer: This man will empty the dreamer’s daughter.

Dig an egg from one’s envelope: the dreamer will penetrate a nanny or slave and have a girl.

Having too many raw eggs: the dreamer’s great fortune is in danger.

See boiled eggs: resuscitating a dead or dead matter, which will make a lot of money.

Groping for eggs: you will waste or eat a woman’s money.

Christianity interpretation of egg in dream:

The dream of fresh or unopened eggs represents the possibility of something new. Creative Potential. Feelings of change or a new possibility are close to happening. There is a need to take care of your plans carefully.

Dreaming of cracked or exposed eggs is a procedure to take or something that happens last. Birth. “Hatching” a new idea or plan.

The dream of eating eggs is imminent or change is still pending. Confidence that something will happen. The position or experience you know is unstoppable. Negatively, it may reflect your need to accept the consequences of your actions. Take advantage of destroying future plans of others.

If the eggs are mixed, this may reflect a commitment to a coarse group. Lack of importance is felt in a situation that is starting to happen.

The dream of boiled eggs may represent feelings about new situations that have begun or are facilitated by deliberate exacerbation. “Soften” something with pressure or problems to make it easier to get started. Prepare to make the desired start easier.

Psychological interpretation of egg in dream:

For the dream of finding an egg nest, shows a great fortune personality and happiness among married couples and many children.

This dream demonstrates the many and varied affairs of love for women.

Eating eggs indicates that unusual disturbances threaten you in your home.

To see broken eggs fresh, a fortune is ready to bathe you its richest gifts. You will make a noble spirit and high respect for justice you are beloved by the world.

To dream of rotten eggs, shows the loss of property and deterioration.

To see a crate of eggs, shows that you will participate in profitable speculation.

To dream of splashing with eggs, you will be rich in wealth of doubtful origin.

To see bird eggs, shows the legacy of distant relationships, or take advantage of an unexpected rise in core products.

Different interpretation of egg in dream:

Positive things will happen to you if:

You feel happy about the cooked or distinctive eggs in your dream. To be given an egg as a gift. To cook eggs in your dream. The cracked egg is open. New beginnings are needed in your life if you are in your dream: the egg is black or bad. The dream is about negativity. Dreaming involves fear or not being things beyond the obvious.

Feelings you may experience during a dream egg:

Fun. a celebration. guilty. Frightened. Unable to understand the cause of the egg. Old fashioned morality. a stranger. Gladly. protected. Relieved. I love. Appreciation. Fear of the future. The problems you encounter lead to confusion. Positive energies. respecting others. Emotional. Give. Convergence in companionship. Unwilling to please. Allow others to be provider. Expression of love and spirituality. Contentment.

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