Heaven dream interpretation.

The meaning of heaven in dream:

The dream of paradise is usually associated with the feelings of happiness and joy you experience in your life, so much so that you feel as if you are in heaven.

You may feel happy and very happy and express your subconscious about your feelings through a dream about heaven, which is the perfect place anyone can imagine.

If you dream of heaven, your dream may mean everything in your life, which may be filled with joy and happiness.

This may be a period of your life when everything unfolds easily, and you have no worries. You may feel optimistic about the future as well.

Heaven’s dreams may indicate situations where everything works well. You may feel as if all your wishes come true and you will get what you want.

Islamic interpretation of heaven dream:

If one sees that one of the gates of heaven is closed in the dream, it means that one of his parents will pass.

If two of his doors are closed in a dream, it means that he will lose his parents.

If all his doors are locked in the dream, then his parents are upset with him.

If he enters Paradise from the doorman who pleases him in the dream, it means that both of his parents are satisfied with him.

If one is allowed to enter paradise in a dream, it represents his death. It is also interpreted as meaning that he will repent of his sins by a spiritual guide or a wise sheikh who will lead him to heaven.

Going into paradise may mean achieving one’s goals, even though paradise itself is surrounded by plans and maneuvers.

The vision of the individual in Paradise: the dreamer will acquire wisdom and knowledge.

Enter paradise with a smile: Dreamer remembers God a lot.

The failure of one’s sword and entering Paradise: The dreamer defends virtue and promotes it and discards vice. He will be commended and rewarded for his actions.

Sitting under the tree of joy: The dreamer will have the best worlds in the light of the verse in the Koran that says: “Whoever believes and does the right: the joy for them, and the end of their journey.” (“Thunder”, verse 29).

See yourself in Paradise Gardens and Gardens: The dreamer will enjoy sincerity and religious perfection.

Eat some fruits of Paradise: Dreamer will learn as much as it was eaten.

Drink some water, wine or Paradise milk: the dreamer will gain wisdom and knowledge and become prosperous.

Christianity interpretation of heaven in a dream:

The dream of not being allowed to enter Paradise may be a state of alertness that prevents you from achieving full happiness. Feeling of vanity of happiness. Anxiety or jealousy that was not perfect in one way or another.

Paradise dreams may occur to very religious people and experience anxiety about God, they believe they are a good person when they die.

Paradise dreams are also common among people who may have a very difficult life (disabilities, bad family, bad luck) and believe that the people who support them for the first time will solve their problems.

Psychological interpretation of heaven:

You are an optimistic person with faith in your religion. You believe in the concept of heaven and hell and you have a strong desire to ascend to heaven after death.

People who have spirituality have a better chance of seeing paradise in their dreams than people who are not spiritual.

Paradise in dreams is a good omen because it reflects positive, joy and happiness.

You have a happy life and a joy if you dream of heaven. You may be very successful and proud of your achievements.

It can be a certain event in your life that provides a lot of satisfaction and satisfaction that begins with dreaming in heaven. You are happy and content in life and you also have a spiritual nature.

Different interpretation of heaven dream:

Dream of going to heaven:

Dream that you are going to heaven, this dream is a good sign and usually refers to some new opportunities coming into your life that may help you and achieve your goals.

Sometimes it may be a reminder of people who are no longer alive and reveal your love for them.

It may indicate that you want to be closer to the people you love in your life, especially your friends and family.

Dream of not allowing to enter paradise:

If you dream that you are not allowed to enter paradise, this dream may not be a good sign, indicating some of the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward in life.

Sometimes it may indicate that they are jealous of others.

Sometimes it refers to the need to build your trust more.

Dream of entering Paradise:

If you imagine yourself entering paradise in your dream, this dream is a very good sign, which shows that you have a very good life, full of success and joy. Perhaps you have a peaceful and harmonious existence.

Dream of being in paradise:

If you dream of being in heaven, this dream is a good sign, indicating harmony and peace in life.

Sometimes it indicates your inclination to seek perfection in everything.

It may also indicate an attempt to escape stress and daily anxiety.

Dream of being in heaven and seeing your missing loved ones:

Dream that you were in heaven and saw your loved ones, this dream may indicate some unresolved issues with you.

Dreams of praying in Paradise:

If you dream of praying in heaven, this dream may indicate your desire for success, and indicates the fulfillment of your desires. It is an encouragement to listen and trust your senses.

This dream is a very good sign, which shows the good things that happen in your life soon.

Dream of seeing a fountain in paradise:

Dream of seeing a fountain in the sky, this dream indicates an abundance in your life soon.


Most of the people care about their dreams that occur at different times, attitudes and different ways. Dream vision is the product of our imagination, and includes all the actions taken from our sleep, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Occurs at any time in different ways.

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