Dream about snakes and water very frequently

If you are dream about snakes and water very frequently it means not that much so dont worry about that.

Beacuse dreams are  always originate in our sub-conscious and in day time a person aware of all these things but when an individual sees dreams of somthing which makes them afraid it has other reason also that every human being a reasonable person afraid of these things like snakes in normally you can see a lot of people around you .

But according to different interpretations snakes is the symbol of knowledge.



Similarly  in your life when you sees somthing so most of the time you have a deep impact on your mind about that thing you must have seen rivers in flood its common in villages , or any area where you fine ponds , rivers easily  or somebody drowning. such thoughts have gone deep in sub consc mind… it happens with people who are more sensitive .



As we know that Water is life giver. and its very much important  for every living things ,  Very necessary for life. A pot filled with water is sign of life. KUMBH

Water is life and its need of everyone so its a positive sign if you have dream about water’


From the classic Freudian perspective:

A snake is a phallic symbol.  Generally, a snake featured in a dream  have different meanings but according to freudian it means that you’re dealing with a difficult situation  and you are in trouble or unsettling emotions in your waking life.  and if we are going through other side of this dream i mean On the positive side of this dream analysis, so  dreaming of snakes could also mean that healing and transformation are taking place.


Indian mythological terms :

According to Indian mythological terms snakes in dreams means God Shiva or Some thing going to bad”

these linked thing past happened in your life that has been some time follows you.


but snakes are the symbole of knowledge as i have written above and according to that after such kinds of dreams a person focous about those things which he or she has denied , otherwise snakes are the beautiful craeture but we are mostly afraid and always think that snakes in dreams have some bad meanings but its not like this .

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