Dream about Being Chased by Snakes

Dream Meaning Summary:



  • The snake dreams  may represent  a different  interpretations a situation that is hard to face,  or might be it is uncomfortable or embarrassing for you
  • This symbol can relate to yourself or someone very close to you , a part of you that you are not fully recognizing; feelings that are not fully acknowledged so that after this dream you would focous on your goals properly;
  • Perhaps a person or responsibility in your life that is hard to bear or feels threatening.


 – cobra snake

being chased by a snake mean?

If you have a kind of dream that dream of being chased by snake it means in you waking life are avoid somthing which is really hard for you to face so thats why you dont want to do that.


When you are chased by a wild animal like a wild reptile or any snake , the overall feeling in the dream is usually  fear, worry, feeling caught, perhaps pushed around with not many options about where to go and what to do . A pertinent interpretation connects to a situation where you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, that you are caught up in dream. so dont worry about this dream but yes you can do whats is going in your life which you are thinking that its difficult for you to do , every persons have different kinds of problems in their life and  so afterthat an individual would think and can not overcome the situation its all go through the sub conscious so that according to our public when anybody have snakes in dreams people are around talking like this its not a good dream and so on .




The dream is likely a call OR a kind of alarm  to become more aware of what is going on in your life that is causing so much tension and how could you overcome your tensions.. It can also be a warning about a situation that feels unsafe or is threatening or may be not good for you . Interpret the dream as an indication that you need to confront this issue or the feelings it activates in you more directly.


Running away from an unsettling situation or part of your personality

A dream of being chased by a snake define that  the fear to face  one’s own feeling or personal drive that may be seen as unacceptable or undesired for him or her .

The snake could represent your own anger, when you are in stress or depression some aggressivity towards another person that you are in fact are turning against yourself instead of expressing more directly. The chase with the serpent could convey a feeling of vulnerability that you are experiencing in your life and that is hard to fully acknowledg.


Make your Own Meaning


  • What is the intention of the snake in the dream?
  • In your life, what do you think you are running away from , what you are afraid from your life ?
  • What part of yourself could you identify with the snake in your dream. or do you like snakes ?
  • How do you react while being chased, what strategies do you use or not use to escape the chaser?
  • Are you being caught? What is your feeling then.

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