Divorce Dream Interpretation | What Divorce symbolize in dreams.


Meaning of divorce dream:

In general, divorce means poverty, loss, or the end of a partnership.

It can also mean separation from a “royal” relationship that was once friendly, where women are thought to be eccentric like royalty.

But some dreamers believe divorce means a person will become self-sufficient.

It refers to a verse from the Koran meaning that if the husband and wife split, God will make each self-sufficient through his bounty.

For Muslims, there are three or three degrees of divorce because a man can divorce, even three times only, each of his wives. after that, the wife needs a temporary husband before he remarries her for the last time.

Islamic interpretation of divorce dream:

• Divorce wife, then the feeling of jealousy: careful to maintain.

• The bachelor dreams of divorce: will change the line of his behavior for the better or worse. But it can also mean that death is near.

• The divorce of an unloved partner: The dreamer will see some of his wishes come true.

• A man dreams that he divorced his wife but still has others or some free women or slaves around: you will lose only part of his wealth or power.

• A religious person who dreams of divorcing his wife: He will cut himself off from worldly matters and transform asceticism.


If the divorce is irreversible, it may mean that it will permanently close its business. Divorce of the wife in the dream also means ignoring the treasure or waiving the inheritance or waiver of the throne or isolation from his office. Divorce in the dream also indicates poverty. The separation of the sick wife in the dream means that she may die because of her illness.

Christianity interpretation of divorce dream:

The dream of divorce represents separation with beliefs, customs or attitudes that have been a regular part of your life. It may also reflect something about yourself or your life that can not be trusted anymore. Something that has always been there is no longer there. No longer feel the sense of permanence.

Instead, divorce may reflect your fear of your partner or leave you alone. You may also be dissatisfied with your current relationship.

The dream of divorce may also reflect situations in which you or someone else has radically changed his or her values, interests or life. Do not like anything in your life or situation anymore. Change your feelings or opinions about something you care about initially.

Different interpretation of divorce dream:

Dream of divorcing your husband:

If you dream of divorcing your husband, this dream may reveal your desire for greater independence and freedom in your life.

Sometimes it is a sign of the problems you are currently experiencing in your marriage, which may lead to divorce.

Sometimes this dream reveals your actual desire to divorce your husband.
The dream of divorced or divorced parents.

Dream of parents who are currently divorcing or divorced:

Although this dream in real life is not true, this dream may mean some of the problems you face in your real life with your parents.

You may try a lot to please them, and you can not.

This dream may also mean inconsistencies in your behavior and behavior. Perhaps that is why there is no success in your life.

Dream of getting divorced (for single males):

If you dream that you got a divorce from someone, such a dream reveals some difficulties and difficulties with regard to your feelings, you are currently going through.

Dreams of getting divorced (for unmarried females):

If you dream that you got a divorce from someone, this dream may reveal difficulties in social interactions, but also with your intelligence.

Dreams of getting divorced (married to male and female):

If you dream of getting a divorce, this dream may reveal some difficulties and problems in your marriage, or even some negative feelings about your marriage. It is a good idea to consider this dream as a warning and to confront your thoughts and feelings about your marriage.

Dreams of getting a divorce (for people who are going through divorce):

If you are currently divorcing and you have dreamed of getting such a divorce, this dream may indicate that you have to prioritize your life.

You may need to separate some aspects of yourself, or some attitudes or people in your life.

This dream may also indicate your fears of actual separation, and loneliness afterwards.


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