Different interpretation of sky in dream:


In Arabic, there is only one word for heaven and heaven, the same in French. The sky symbolizes the court of the king and his entourage, which is as difficult to reach as the sky.

Islamic interpretation of sky in dream:

Anything that falls from the sky, whether good or bad: This thing will come from the sky.

Climb to the sky on a ladder: the dreamer will be honored and reap the benefits of the king.

Climb into the sky without any ladder or ladders: the dreaming Sultan will be disappointed and afraid.

If the dreamer’s intention is to hear his voice, he will spy on the sultan and enter his palace or treasury to steal it.

If he reaches the sky, he will succeed. The opposite is also true.

A sick person reaches the sky and fails to return: He will die and his soul will go to heaven.

Christianity interpretation of sky in dream:

The dream of sky represents your possibilities, possibilities or future outlook. Can realize your feelings about what you think. Expect or wonder what might happen. Your perception of the looming changes. Your perception of life or your general feelings about how safe the situation is.

The blue sky represents a positive outlook, freedom of expression, independence and hope. Heaven is a border. “Believe that what you want is possible or that good things are about to happen.

The dream of the Red Sky represents a negative outlook for the future, fear, disaster, conflict or deception. Belief that bad things will always happen. Fighting or trouble in sight.

The dream of the dark sky represents feelings about a situation in your life devoid of positive possibilities. Feeling that only negative, dangerous or unpleasant things can happen right now. You may feel a great sense of caution, danger, or bad luck. You may also try hard to get through a difficult moment. You may be too pessimistic or afraid and may benefit from communicating with others for help.

To dream of a dark gray or cloudy sky represents sadness, depression, or unpleasant feelings. Don’t feel good about your life right now.

Psychological interpretation of sky in dream:

For the dream of heaven, demonstrates outstanding decorations and interesting travel with cultured companions, if the sky is clear. Otherwise, foreshadows
Criticized expectations, troubles with women.

For a dream floating in the sky between strange faces and animals, I wonder all the time if you’re really awake, or just dreaming, he predicts that all the problems, the most painful pain, that arrive until the most expensive feeling will be distilled in one drop called jealousy, and will be included in your faithful love, loyalty will suffer retreat.

To see the sky turn red, indicates that the general anxiety and riots might be expected.

Different interpretation of sky in dream:

The dark sky in the dream:

Is a sign of frustration given by your superiors. If the sky is red, it means that great joy is coming. If the sky is yellow, you feel very angry. The clear and blue sky represents good luck and great joy, and good luck in your work, your honor and a potential great journey forward.

The starry night sky dreams:

Good financial gains and achievements, but if the night sky is cloudy and you cannot see the stars, this portends some instability, anxiety and possible obstacles. Overcast skies are an omen about sadness and sadness.

If you are in sky:

It means that you will become very strong and will be a great honor for you. If the sky is covered with flames, this portends great happiness. If you see a happy blue sky, it indicates a cheerful mood and happiness, a lot of laughter, enjoy the future.

The clear blue sky:

Mean you will find something you have lost for a while. In either case, the clear sky is an omen of the happy times ahead and there are no obstacles or problems of any kind, or soon you’ll find a solution to a big problem in your life. The dream of a colored sky usually refers to the romantic aspect of your personality. If you dream of a white sky, it indicates deep thinking.

If you see a cloudy sky:

This predicts the difficult and emotional times ahead. The dream itself can also mean that you are wandering with some pain of consciousness and remorse, or perhaps a heavy burden. This dream can indicate depression. The dream of heaven is a sign of great potential

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