Different interpretation of hands in dream:


Hand is a symbol of new surprises and event. Beautiful hands dream of a high job in the vicinity of friends and colleagues

Islamic interpretation of hands in dream:

Hand cut from the palm: money will come to you.

Hand cut at the wrist: the dreamer falls victim to the tyranny of the ruler.

Hand cut from the upper arm: (1) a brother dies. (2) wealth will decline.
Seeing one hand broken: The dreamer dreams a lot.

Put the hand under the armpit and restore it to find water in it: you will have money.

Having an extra hand: (1) more influence and strength. (2) You will have a brother. (3) will have a child.

Be left-handed: difficulties ahead. (The word “left-handed” in Arabic, “captor”, comes from “osr”, meaning “difficulty.”

Do something with your left hand: you will get what you want but late.
Extend both hands: extreme generosity, magnanimity.

Christianity interpretation of hands in dream:

The dream of hands represents the ability, competence and ability to do what you want. Ability to perform certain behaviors or skills on your own. Ability to show your choices.

Seeing a hand holding each other symbolizes partnership.

To wash your hands is to rid yourself of a problem or refuse to feel responsible.

To see a hand that shows you represent an area of ​​your life that attracts you towards it. Choices, beliefs, or situations that tempt you.

The dream of losing your hand represents your feelings of theft. You can’t do something you want or get something you feel you deserve. A reflection of something that makes you feel limited or at a loss. Feeling weak or impotent and not being able to do anything about it.

The dream of cutting off your hand represents feelings about your abilities problems. Feeling disabled or your skills are hampered by problems. Instead, hand-cutting may reflect your skills, talents, or abilities that are affected by a negative impact or conflict. Temporarily unable to do what you want.

Psychological interpretation of hands in dream:

If you see beautiful hands in your dream, you will enjoy high distinction, and quickly rise in your invitation; but ugly distorted hands point to disappointments and poverty.

To see blood on them, signifies strangeness and unfair blame of your family members.

If you have an injured hand, someone will succeed with you striving to get.

To see a separate hand, indicate a solitary life,people will fail to understand your views and feelings.

To burn your hands, you will overcome the limits of the mind in your struggles for wealth and fame, so lost.

To see your hands covered with hair, it means you won’t become strong and pioneering factor in your circle.

To see your hands tied, shows a rapid progress in your affairs. to see it smaller, the opposite is reversed.

To see your hands dirty, shows you will be envious and unjust to others.

To wash your hands, you will participate in some joyous celebrations.

For a woman to admire her hands, this is proof that she will win and continue
Sincere respect for the man you earn above all.

Impressive by the hands of others, you will be exposed to whims of a jealous man.

To get a man holding her hands, you will be so tempted in illicit engagements.

If you allow others to kiss her hands, she’ll chatter busy with her reputation.

To deal with the fire without burning her hands, it will rise to a high level
Rank and leadership positions.

To dream that your hands are bound, it indicates that you will participate in difficulties.

In mitigating, you will force others to undergo to your dictations.

Different interpretation of hands in dream:

Ugly hands:

If you dream of ugly hands of unusual shape, with flaws, his is an indication of an impending problem.

Damaged hands:

Damaged hands warn of losing expensive things. Or rather, you’ll have to give it up to succeed on some things.

Sunny hands:

Sunny hands are interpreted as the emergence of strong rivals, with whom you will have to fight a serious fight.

Your own hands:

If you dream of your own hands with blood, you will be temporarily isolated from the people you love.

And also in a dream is the sign of loss in pot. Certain circumstances make you skip the road to success. All this will come about if you see burned hands.

You have very small hands:

In the dream you have very small hands, it is an incentive to increase activity. Things are likely to go very slowly and need a certain renewal.

If you admire your hands:

This is a sign for women, which can attract a lot of men with the help of her own charm. If someone starts kissing your hands, the interpretation of Miller’s dream book warns that you should be careful in your behavior.

Large hands:

Dream says that large hands of unnatural size can be interpreted as a rapid advance towards the goal, which will happen soon.

Hold fire in your hands:

If you hold fire in your hands, but it does not burn you, it means you will succeed in many affairs.

A truncated hand or both hands indicate severing ties with the lover or husband.

Hands are the symbol of human social communication, and the relationship with the world. Hands also express desires such as: controlling, holding, or managing something. The palms of your hands often symbolize fate.

If you are dreaming of having something in your hands, this is a symbol of your destiny right now

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