Different interpretation of bird’s in dream:

Meaning of birds in dream:

Birds in the dream are a positive sign. It can symbolize your career and social life.

A woman dreaming of a bird can mean that you are either happy in your relationship or that you will meet your soul mate soon.

A beautiful and colorful bird in a dream shows that you will marry the right person. You will have a long happy life together.

Birds that miss their blades can indicate that you will have someone who considers them better off trying to control your life.

Islamic interpretation of birds in Urdu:

Fly a bird in a hand in a dream, meaning happy gladness. A bird in a dream also means work. The unknown bird in the dream means a warning, advice or warning.

If a bird looks beautiful in a dream, it indicates the quality of its work.

If one sees himself in a dream carrying an ugly bird appearance, it also indicates the quality of his actions or that the messenger may bring him good news.

Unknown bird means profits. Seeing black colored birds in a dream shows bad business, while white colored birds represent good works.

Colorful birds in the dream represent mixed actions. Seeing a bird in a dream can mean honor, power, ornament or profit.

Singing birds in a dream means hearing good words or receiving valuable knowledge.

A flock of birds in the dream represents an easy earned wealth. A bird in a dream also represents a boy.

Catching a bird in a dream means controlling a strong person.

The killing of a bird in a dream means achieving one’s goal.

Feathering, cleaning, and eating a bird in a dream means profit, prosperity, or women.

Christianity interpretation of birds in dream:

The dream of children’s birds represents the potential for excellence and liberation. Plan or prepare to beat something. Be very careful while working toward the goals that give you freedom.

Seeing birds dead or dying represents disappointment and failure. The killing of birds may deliberately spoil the idea of ​​inspiration or the freedom of another person.

The dream of feeding birds represents encouragement, inspiration or support for trying to overcome problems. Feed the idea of ​​freedom or transcendence. Encourage yourself or believe in yourself. Instead, consider the type of bird you feed on. For example, crows and eagles may reflect more negative thinking or behavior that is encouraged.

The dream of bird eggs represents the goals, aspirations and hopes that develop and will take time to achieve. And vice versa if the eggs of the type of bird is positive.

Seeing a flying bird represents transcendence and liberation. The weight of your shoulders has been lifted and you feel a sense of freedom.
Seeing a trapped bird represents the desire for freedom or liberation. You feel restricted and restricted in some areas of your life.

Seeing a blue bird in a dream symbolizes positive superiority over negativity. It represents the power of positive thinking, the truth, and doing what you know is really in a stronger role. It is also an indicator of purification and resolution of conflicts in your life.

The Dream of the White Bird is a desire to overcome or overcome the negative situation that is being renewed. In the end he decided to escape from a bad situation after avoiding it. White Bird may also reflect the belief that escaping from bad mode is a good idea.

The dream of a red bird represents freedom or transcendence that you realize is negative or dangerous. Restore your freedom again through violence, fighting, or disinterest in the feelings of others. Perhaps a reflection of the achievement of freedom through dishonest means or deceiving others to help yourself only to escape from a restricted situation.

A dream of a black bird may be a feeling of emptiness, loss, depression, death, or unpleasant change.

The dream of cutting bird wings may reflect a desire to choke someone or prevent something in your life from succeeding.

Psychological interpretation of birds in dream:

It’s a good dream to see beautiful feathers. a rich and happy partner approaches if women have dreams from this type.

Drips and song, the sign of unforgiving and inhuman treatment of untouchables and fell by the people of wealth.

To see a wounded bird, is the fate of deep sadness caused by the wrong offspring.

To see the birds flying, is a sign of prosperity for the dreamer. all unwanted environments will disappear before the wave of good faith.

To catch the bird, not bad at all. To hear them speak, is to own one
Inability to perform tasks that require considerable clarity in perception.

To kill than with a gun, is a disaster of scarcity of harvest.

Different interpretation of birds in dream:

Dream of a pair of birds:

If you see a pair of birds in your dream, this dream may be a child’s birth announcement.

Dream of flying with other birds:

If you dream of flying with birds, this dream may indicate freedom and material gains in the near future.

Dreams of trying to fly like a bird:

If you try to fly like a bird in your dream, this dream is a sign that some may try to prevent you from achieving.
Dreaming birds flying. Birds that fly in the dream can sometimes point to unfulfilled desires.

Dreams of a bird that can not fly:

If you see a bird unable to fly in a dream, this dream is a bad sign that indicates difficulties in the near future.

Dream to fly in a closed place:

If you dream of birds flying in a closed place, this dream is indicative of your need for independence and freedom.

The birds dream of hatching:

If you see birds hatching their eggs in a dream, this dream may be a sign of postponing some expected success for some reason.

Dream of bird eggs:

If you see bird eggs in a dream, this dream refers to making money in the near future.

Dream of bird’s nest:

If you see a bird’s nest in a dream, this dream may be a sign of independence and security.

May also indicate some new opportunities and thriving endeavors.

Dreams of a dead bird:

If you see an empty nest in a dream, this dream may indicate the financial difficulties waiting for you, which you will overcome fortunately.

Dreaming bird chirping:

If you hear a crow in your dream, this is a beautiful sign of love and joy.


Bird’s dream is a positive sign that can represent your social and professional aspirations, and your achievements. A woman who dreams of birds can mean that you will soon meet with your birth or have a long happy relationship. Seeing the battle of birds can mean that you will fight with your partner. A bird on the window fills your house with luck and happiness. Watching birds click in your yard heralds someone’s arrival missed for a long time of your life

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