Devil dream interpretation

Meaning of Devil in dream:

Dreams about seeing Satan may indicate your fears and limitations, as well as some negative aspects of your personality.

You may have feelings of guilt about something and it is time to release them.

These dreams may also symbolize your shadow, made up of aspects of your personality that you do not recognize, deny, or perhaps not know.

May also indicate a negative view or perhaps feel guilty about some recent ideas or actions.

Satan may also indicate in your dream the judgment of something. May also indicate your subconscious, face some false moral judgments.

Islamic interpretation of devil in dream:

Trying to hit the devil with the sword and get away from him or escape: justice and justice will prevail.

Kill the Devil: The dreamer will overtake a wicked, misguided or fraudulent and fraudulent person and earn a good reputation.

If the devil frightens in the dream, it means that the latter is a loyal and beloved deputy of God Almighty, and that God will protect him from any fear of Satan or his army.

If one sees a meteor or a fire in the devil in the sky in a dream, it means that there is an enemy of Allah in that region.

If this person is a governor, his secrets will be disclosed, and if he is a judge, then the fair penalty will be inflicted on him because of his injustice.

If one sees Satan as happy in a dream, it means that he is involved in sensuality, passion and unpleasant deeds. In general, the devil is a weak enemy, if one sees himself resolutely fighting in the dream, he appears to be a religious and rational person.

Christianity interpretation of devil in dream:

The dream of the devil represents a strong dominant control. Very strong fears or anger or greed or anomalies control you completely. It may also reflect a negative person or attitude that feels inevitable or intentionally harms you. Feeling that someone or something does not want you to never feel good again. Permanent negative attitudes. Feeling cursed forever. Permanent jealousy that you deliberately feel about you.

The devil’s dream may reflect one of your worst problems. Something that keeps you in a state of mind that feels like hell. Trouble is a strong torture or fear.

The vision of Satan in your dream indicates that there is something wrong in your life that needs to stand up or reform. You may choose to suffer permanently by not asking for help.
Instead, the devil may reflect your enjoyment or aversion to the need to hurt others. Good feeling of trying to keep someone else away from happiness.

Different interpretation of Devil in dream:

The devil dreams in general:

If you dream of a devil, without much additional detail, this dream may indicate your inner fears.

This dream may refer to some of your inner demons that dictate your behavior towards others.

They may be suspicious or aggressive in some cases. Sometimes this dream may refer to some unreliable and dishonest people around you, you can not trust at all.

Dreaming to see Satan:

If you dream of seeing Satan, this dream may indicate something very bad and wrong in your life, you need to reform as soon as possible.

Sometimes, this dream indicates the choice of suffering in some cases, and not asking anyone for help.

Dream of possession by Satan:

If you dream of being possessed by the devil, this dream may indicate your feelings that there is no control over certain situations in your life.

This may indicate that you have behavioral or behavioral ideas.
This dream may also indicate less tension in the near future. Your financial or emotional struggles may end in the end, with the help of trusted people close to you.

Dreams of being Satan:

If you dream of being the devil yourself, this dream may indicate your inability to resist some temptations.

This dream warns you of being attentive to your actions and behavior because it is likely that all suspicious transactions and activities that you may be involved in will be detected and severely punished.

Satan dreams of watching you from darkness:

If you dream that Satan is looking at you from the dark, this dream may mean someone close to you, who wants to hurt you in some way.

Dream of the devil in your room:

If you see the devil in your room, this dream warns you from thinking well before accepting someone’s friendship and leaving that person in your life. You must first identify the person before you can make such a decision.


Ordinary Satan represents evil. Many people are afraid of this creature. The devil’s dream has a strong message to convey. Although the devil is a negative character, the message he dreams in dreams is usually dark. A dream is a warning of a potential danger in the future. To see the devil with a smile is a positive omen.

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