Detail interpretation of star in dream:


In a dream, the star represents the best and most noble of people. Seeing the stars shining in the lights and gathering inside someone’s dream house means that great people, or some of the country’s leaders, will meet in that house.

Islamic interpretation of star in dream:

If the stars are assembled in someone’s house, and if their light is dim in the dream, it means that these people will meet secretly in that house under restriction, or because of a disaster.

Holding a star in one hand in a dream means devising a noble son who will grow to be a great leader.

Stealing a star in a dream means stealing something precious. Seeing the star falling from the sky in a dream means that disaster will fall on this place and will particularly affect the life of a great and noble person, or it may mean the death of the ruler of that city.

Using stars as a guide: The dreamer observes the tradition of the Holy Prophet.

Stealing a star from the sky: the dreamer steals something dangerous from the king and causes the torment of an honest man.

Becoming a star: dignity and honor.

Canopus Vision: The dreamer will be unlucky until the end of life.

Christenity interpretation of Star in dream:

A dream of an astral shape represents feelings about yourself or the best thing in your life. Feeling or being remarkably excellent. Behavior or some areas of your life that are incredible.

The dream of looking at stars presents exciting new opportunities that you have never seen before. A sense of awe from new experiences making your future feel more optimistic. A desire to channel your wealth. Upgrade or inspirational experience. Clarity to achieve goals. Your hopes or your wishes. Spiritual awakening. Feeling inspired by God.

Negatively, dreaming to see the stars may reflect overwhelming feelings of smallness or impotence. Feeling little when thinking about God or your spiritual future. The impossible goals you set for yourself and expect others to agree with them too.

Psychological interpretation of Star dream:

To dream of looking at the clear and bright stars, he predicts good health and prosperity. If it’s boring or red, there’s a problem and the next ordeal.

To see the shooting or falling star, signifies sadness and sorrow.

To see the stars appear and disappear mysteriously, there will be some strange changes and events in your near future.

If you dream that a star falls on you, there will be a bereavement in your family.

To see them roll on the ground, is a sign of enormous danger and trying times.

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