Detail interpretation of horse in dream:

Meaning of horse in dream:

The horse is a symbol of the force of wild nature that man tames. In dream interpretation, the horse symbolizes good luck and a nice thing caused by external factors. Also, it refers to strong libido, especially if you ride the horse into the dream.

If you see a horse in a dream, it means that everything will be fine and you will not face big problems.

The dream of many horses refers to making a fortune.

If you dream of running horses or racing horses, suggest that you look for a solution to a problem, which will be solved and you will see the dawn of life.

Dreaming of a dowry dream suggests good news. If the dowry with the mare, it is more auspicious.

Islamic interpretation of horse in dream:

Seeing a horse of any gender from afar: Good vows, in the light of the words of the Holy Prophet that the welfare accompanied by horses until the Day of Resurrection.

Horse driving: The dreamer tries to serve or search for a faithful servant.

Riding on a two-winged horse: The dreamer will become king or ruler if allowed to rise. Otherwise it will simply get what it seeks.

Unbridled, unmanaged or unmanageable horse: An angry and ungrateful man takes things lightly and unconsciously. The same applies to stubborn horse.

Jumping horse: desires will be realized quickly and abundantly in the future.

The horse works quickly but with the step maintained: things will be straight and up.

The horse symbolizes power, power and prosperity. His tail represents offspring and grandchildren.

Riding on a burned horse goes slowly and ideally under the leadership of the: enjoy power, power, prestige, dignity and wealth as much as the horse is obedient to the dream. Connecting the horse will have the same meaning.

Each part, each end, of the horse represents a section of the same importance operating under the ruler.

Splitting the horse (taking the thing between his teeth), making it impossible for the night to control him: the latter will commit a sin or face a disaster where it was difficult to stop the horse.

In other words, it can mean that the dreamer will survive his own whims and passion.

It is more so if the horse has been spoiled as a result of good treatment, dissatisfaction, or violence.

Christianity interpretation of horse in dream:

The horse’s dream represents ambitious and powerful engines. Stamina, endurance, or your ability to work hard. Horses can also represent your sex drive and libido. Horses often appear in the dreams of people who work very hard, or students who lead them a lot, people who have very strong sexual interests, or someone who is very excited. Go ahead vigorously for your goals.

Passively, a horse may be in a dream sign that you are taking too much risk with your ambition to succeed. It hurts others in your drive to go ahead. Excessive sexual interests. Warning that you need to slow down.

The White Horse symbolizes ambition or a campaign of success based on good intentions. Self-control, balanced views while pursuing a goal. The white horse can also reflect an ambitious engine to be perfect in something. Instead, the white horse may also reflect a healthy sex drive with your spouse.

A black horse is a sign that you may be obsessed with a goal. The black horse can reflect the fear of an ambitious campaign your enemies to be more successful than you. Instead, a black horse may be a sign that you are too sexually driven or have an unhealthy sexual life.

The brown horse (dark brown) symbolizes ambition and driving forces. You are very excited and resistant to obstacles. You may get rid of problems or “dead weight” while you work towards the goal. Aspiration to fix problems as soon as possible.

Psychological interpretation of horse in dream:

If you dream of seeing or riding a white horse, the indicators are favorable for prosperity and pleasant mixing with convenient fair friends and women.

If the white horse is bent and tired,
Your trust will be betrayed by a jealous friend or a woman.

If the horse is black, you will be successful in your fortune,
But you will be deceived and you will be guilty of the tasks.

For women, this dream shows that her husband is unfaithful.

For the dream of black horses, shows the prosperous conditions, but a large amount of discontent.

To see yourself riding a fine bay horse, shows a high in luck and saturation of emotion. For a woman, he predicts the yield to import advances. You will enjoy the material things.

To ride or see passing horses, shows ease and comfort. to ride a fugitive horse, your interests will become foolish friend or employer.

To see the horse run away with others, indicates that you will hear from the illness of friends.

To see the beautiful stallions, is a sign of success and high living,
Unconscious emotion is your master.

To see the mummies of the brood, indicate the bond and the absence of jealousy between married and loved ones.

For horse riding to provide a table, you will soon see some good luck
You will enjoy the rich pleasures.

If the stream is unstable or fuzzy,
The expected joys will be somewhat disappointing.

To swim on horseback through a clear and beautiful water stream, your perception of emotional bliss will be achieved quickly.

For a businessman, this dream foreshadows the big gain.

Different interpretation of horse in dream:

Dreaming of a white horse:

If you dream of a white horse, this dream may not always be a good symbol.

If you see this from a distance, this dream may refer to someone who is opposed to completing your project or someone who complains about you.

For women, the presence of a white horse in a dream is a very good sign, indicating a good marriage.

Dream of riding white horses:

If you dream of riding a white horse, this dream is a good sign, indicating good relationships with your friends.

Dream of a black horse:

If you see a black horse in a dream, this dream may indicate that achieving some relationship in your life is not worth your attention.

Dream of a beautiful horse:

Whether you are watching a beautiful horse or a horse in your dreams, this dream is a very good sign of success and prosperity.

Dream of crossing the river on horseback:

If you dream of crossing a river on horseback, this dream is a sign of the success of your plans. It is important to cross to the other side of the river so that this dream has such a meaning.

Dream of crossing a stream on a horse:

If you cross a stream on horseback in your dream, this dream is a good sign. This dream indicates your abilities to overcome obstacles on your way to success. It also indicates the luck and success of your plans.

Dreams of kicking by horse:

If you dream that the horse has knelt on your horse or saddle, this dream is not a good sign and indicates a bad period of your life, full of sadness.

This dream may also be a sign of weakness and illness in the near future.

It may also indicate a conflict with your competitors, but may also be defeated.

It may also mean being unable to perform some of your tasks or projects.

Dreams of a dirty horse:

If you see a horse that is dirty and worn out in a dream, this dream may indicate disappointment from some close relationships. This may serve as a warning to be cautious, because someone close to you may try to trick you in some way and may succeed in doing so if you allow it.

Dreams of a dead or wounded horse:

If you see a dead person or a wounded wound in a dream, this dream is a bad sign. This dream may signal some very disappointing news, which relates to something very important and much effort to achieve.


The horse has been a companion of man since the beginning of almost known history. It serves the devotion to mankind in many ways. It can bring feelings of freedom, oppression, pride, happiness and a joyous surprise. Horses are fun, serious workers, and contribute throughout life through the agility of mind and body.

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