Dreams are not all the time related to reality , and same as in the case of dreams about death.. why you have this kinds of dreams dont worry about this beacuse it does not mean that you would face somthing bad in your life but it means that you are in present worried about somthing thats why your subconscious has affected . when you are going through bad phase in your life and inside you have sad feelings it leads you to see dreams about death.

most of the people dreaming about their own death and it put prolonged impact on dreamer.
we have different kinds of interpretations on death dreams but according to religious point of view its positive sign seeing dream about your own death.. its good sign.


And might be its impact on your personality to remove bad things from your personality and become a good person.. and also it may the secret wish of dreamer , so it depends upon dreamers life , experience ..

dreams in which usually bad things happens it means a person is in stress it imply to stresss.. it does not mean a person afraid of death or think of death it could be totally different kinds of stress is.

In some tradition people come togather and discuss about their dreams and what they predict about dream is a positive sign.

young mums sometimes dream of their child it means they are worried about them and recognizing the responsibilty they feel for the safty of their child.


why death dreams caused:

Death dreams caused by stress , anxiety , and overthinking it happens when we have someone special in our life and we dont want to loss her or him so we are more carfull about them then a point

Dreaming of death of your family member or any of your friend dying may symbolize a phase in your life has come to an end and something new is beginning.

May represent an aspect of yourself that has died, it means somthing new would happen so something new can emerge. its a kind of alarming dream.



If you are right now about your dream that you saw a dream about of death of your own or may be any of your friend and family member you should not worried about that because a lot interpretations in favour of this dream and if you want to never see such kind of dream then take a few minutes and release things which make sad or dont do overthinking so you would not have this kind of dreams.

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