Dreams are not all the time related to reality , and same as in the case of dreams about death.. why you have this kinds of dreams dont worry about this beacuse it does not mean that you would face somthing bad in your life but it means that you are in present worried about … Read more

Dream of blind people

  I am going to talk about dreams of blind people .. can you dream if you are blind? people who were born blind some interpretation says that they cannot have any understanding of how to see in their walking lives, so they can not see in their dreams¬† but sometime most of the people … Read more

Why do we dreams?

Dreams are one of the most imp and interesting aspects of our sleep state. The pschology and pschiatry community seems to stand divided on dreams ‚óŹ There are a lot of school of thought but according to one school of thought which belief dreams are just pointless messages relayed by our mind as it is … Read more