Cat dream interpretation.

Meaning of Cat in dream:

Some say that cats in dreams are the symbol of your intuition, and that the health of your cat indicates whether you are paying attention or ignoring your intuition.

A dream of a sick cat may mean that you have to listen to more intuition and rely less on the mind.

Other interpretations claim that cats in dreams symbolize femininity, softness, independent spirit, creativity, strength, tragedy, weakness, bad luck, deception, and falsehood.

Islamic interpretation of Cat in dream:

• Selling a cat: The dreamer will spend his money.

• Eat cat meat: you will learn magic.

• Switch to Cat: You will gain life through illegal practices and theft.

• A cat enters a child’s house: the thief will explode. Anything the cat pulls will be stolen by the thief.

• Obtain cat meat or grease: You will get money from a thief or you get something stolen.

• Fight a cat bite or scratch the dreamer in the process: a long illness or a deep problem followed by relief. If the cat is submerged, the recovery will come faster. The reverse is also true.

• Cat and mouse coexist with each other, as in the case of the wolf and sheep: (1) hypocrisy. (2) No more fear of the enemy. (3) The Governor shall be only to his subjects.

• Civet cat vision: Man of contradictions, the combination of high virtue and evil personality.


If the cat expels something from her master, it means that he may be fine or killed with his relatives or children, which may mean theft. The wild cat in a dream means adversity, drudgery and miserable life. Selling a cat in a dream means spending money. Scratching a cat in a dream means that someone will betray it by his servant. Cat cat is represented in the dream of trick or crooked woman. It is also said that the bite of a cat in a dream means a year-long disease.

Christianity interpretation of Cat in dream:

Cats are often one of the worst symbols a person can dream of because the problem they symbolize may be difficult or frightening for a person’s selfishness to accept them. Something that a person can easily live in if they are denied or unwilling to face him, because he feels that he is good or too safe to believe in.

Cats are very common symbols of sexual fantasies about the people you are attracted to or have lived with. Prefer to watch pornography instead of getting a girlfriend or a real friend.

The dream of a small cat often reflects subjective beliefs about ourselves or other ideal people. Illusions or non-viable beliefs We are very sensitive or protective. Pay close attention to things that can not be proven. Fear yourself that others will think you are not perfect when they have not told you before. False false assumptions or misconceptions. Lie to yourself at all costs. Scare yourself that you need to pay attention to people who may not deserve it or dislike you.

Psychological interpretation of Cat in dream:

for a cat dream, indicates bad luck, if it does not work.

If the cat Attack you, you will have enemies who will go to any extremes
To discredit your own and cause you to lose property.

But if you succeed in eliminating it, you will overcome something great
Obstacles and the rise in luck and fame.

If you meet a thin, clear, dirty-looking cat, you’ll get it the bad news of the absent. Some friends are in the door of death.

But if you chase him out of sight, your friend will recover after a long and long illness.

To hear the scream or stitching of the cat, uses some false friends
All words and work in his order to hurt you.

In order to dream that your cat is feeding you, the enemy will succeed in rhythm your profit from the deal that you spent several days in making.

If a young woman refers to holding a cat or a cat, she will be
Affected by some infractions by betraying others.

For the dream of a clean white cat, indicates the entanglements that,
While seemingly innocuous, it will prove a source of sadness and
Loss of wealth.

When a dealer dreams of a cat, he has to put his best energies at work,
As his rivals are about to succeed in destroying his standard dealing, will have to take other measures if the undersell others still succeed.

Dream of seeing a cat and snake on friendly terms means the beginning of an angry conflict.

Different interpretation of Cat in dream:

Hit CAT:

The dream of catching a cat means that a thief or gang will break into your home but you will not suffer a loss and you will be caught thief or thieves.
The dream of hitting a cat means you will not be fooled by deceptive tricks you will see through fraud.

The dream of hitting a cat without any reason means that you will make an enemy and remind you to be more tolerant and avoid conflicts with others.

Keep CAT:

The dream of keeping the cat predicts that you will earn money or get rid of the disease.

If you are a patient dreaming of keeping a cat, it means that you will recover and get rid of the disease.
If you are a woman dreaming of keeping a cat, they suggest that you may encounter unexpected things, whether good or bad.


Dreaming with a screaming or stuttering cat means that a so-called friend tries to hurt you with all the words and tricks.

If you are a fantasy mother, you dream of a muffler, so remember that you have to be careful while you go out and watch the incident.

If you are a woman dreaming of a mascot, they suggest that a hidden competitor in love is looking to find an opportunity to compete for your friend.

The dream of a deserted cat in the neighborhood implies a low fortune in fortune and you must control your shopping desire and spending wisely.


A bitten dream by a cat means having bad guys around you and reminding you to be careful about friends around.
The dream about biting almost from the cat involves a strong competitor in life or work but will eventually defeat him.

Dead Cat:

The dream of a dead cat suggests that you are in low spirits, or addicted to something irresistible.

If you are in love and dreaming of a dead cat, this reminds you that you should not indulge in the pain of separation.

If you are married and have a dead camera, this indicates that family members will face disputes arising from different opinions about something and you should communicate in a timely manner.

A Talking Cat:

The dream of a talking cat means that the opponent will launch an attack on you soon and you must deal with it carefully.

If you are a man who dreams of talking, this means that you will have tremendous competition in your career and you have to stay calm.

If you are a businessman dreaming of a talking cat, this means that the last business situation is harmful and you should invest carefully to avoid the big loss.


If you are a man dreaming of multiple cats, this indicates that you are suffering from great stress and feel tired, so you must have enough rest.
If you are a woman who dreams of multiple cats, it means that you will have problems with your husband recently and you should remember that peace is the most expensive in the family and never quarrels in trivial matters.


Dreams are a form of communication that is usually alien to the waking mind. The subconscious does not convey information in a verbal form as does the conscious mind. The unconscious mind communicates through symbols that must be interpreted if you want to understand the communication. Just think of dreams as messages that need to be interpreted, like the way a letter written in a foreign language needs interpretation.

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